Being Human 1x02 There Goes the Neighborhood (Part 2)

Monday, 24 January 2011
9 PM Eastern/Pacific

That was a disturbing image. :eek:

This transformation scene is great. Really well done.

Mark Pelligrino continues to bring the cryptic and creepy. :eek:

You know, when I’d first heard that Sam Witwer was the vampire, I was worried that he’d be wearing clothes too often, as compared to being the werewolf.

Good to see that’s not the case. :smiley:

“I really wanted to rub it in his face that I ended up with a shiksa goddess.” :smiley:

“Top o’ the morning to ya, captain!”

bwhahahaha! He’s so weird. :stuck_out_tongue:

“We like creepy.” :smiley:

So far they’re sticking with the UK storyline. I wonder how long things will remain the same.

Dean Cain? He was on 90210 for like two episodes.

…uh, not that I would know that. :rolleyes:

“Did you just wet your pants? A little?” :smiley:

“Boys, boys, you’re both pretty.” :smiley:

Um, you don’t have lungs. You can’t make a breeze that way.

That scene was almost shot-for-shot from the UK series.

I really hope this starts deviating soon. It’s just kind of redundant at this point. :frowning:

“You’re a monster. And he’s not.” :frowning:

The Roommate?

I guess calling it Single White Female would have been too obvious?

“You screw me. You kill me. You never call.” :smiley:

“This happens, all the time.”

That’s hardly disturbing at all. :eek:

Looks like next week might actually have some new content. Finally.