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Hello all,

a thread similar in intent as our “Whiskey thread” for folks to discuss the great “gift from the gods” know as Beer.

Post your favorites, those that you loathe, your beer stories of time past, beers place in scifi and fantasy (ie hobbits ) etc. etc. etc.

I’ll start off by saying I grew up drinking Labatt Blue Pilsener.

A sadly demeaned and sullied brew according to the online world, but it’s still my go to “frosty can” on a hot summer day suds :slight_smile:



My current favorite beer is Left Hand Brewing Company’s Milk Stout. Get it in the all-black 6-pack (or 12 if you’re lucky) and watch the video linked to on the QR code so you know how to pour it. Talk about heaven in a glass.

I also LOVE Dogfish Head’s 90-minute IPA. The 60-minute’s good to, but for my money (and it is a decent bit more money) the 90-minute’s just fantastic.

I’m brewing my own beer too, but I’m too new at it to have a favorite. Maybe in a few months. :slight_smile:

I’m very much enjoying Erdinger Weißbier at the moment. Very tasty. Although I’d take the Winter version if I can find it, but it can be quite elusive.

I haven’t had that Dogfish, but they do good work. When I’m torn between two brands – say I’m looking for a pumpkin beer, for example – I usually go with Dogfish. 1) Cuz I know and trust them, but 2) they usually have the far better description on the label.

That Left Hand Brewing Company’s Milk Stout sounds tremendous. I’ll look for that.

Not sure if this is a “Death Match” or not … but in the Tolkien world ( Lord of the Rings, Hobbit, etc.) which race would make the best beer?

Dwarves versus Hobbits?

I know, some folks may want to include elves and men in the mix, but lets keep it simple. I personally think the Hobbits would fare better. Do Dwarves even brew beer? Or do they trade the riches found underground for their suds?



That is a great question. Elves are craftsman par excellence, and they have magic. But something tells me that the dwarves would make an amazing beer. Am I the only one who thinks elves would specialize in lighter beers, and dwarves would make a killer porter & that kind of thing?

Elfe Weissen vs. Dwarven Underground Porter?

I’m not sure if Elves would be beer folk. More wine I would imagine. Given this clip though, if they did brew it would be potent :slight_smile:


I still think hobbits would brew good beers. There good natured approach to growing the hops and grains would result it fine yields in the keg.


They do grow good weed.


Interesting idea Ferris. What would be the various beers of Middle Earth?

What would the fine folks of Gondor drink? Budweiser?

The Riders of Rohan’ s go to brew? Coors Lite?

What of the Nazgul or denizens of Mordor? Black Label?


If Elves DID brew bear, it’d taste like milk, Sprite, Mountain Dew, fresh glacier water, or some other sort of beverage you find to be pleasant, light & refreshing… and it’d be about 19.5% ABV.

617 Squadron humorous beer commercial.


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