Bear McCreary is genius

I watched the TSCC unaired pilot back to back with the official season premier.

The official season premier is cut a bit tighter, and the new scenes are very meaningful. The new Charley Dixon sets the right tone, he’s a lot more defensive about Sarah with Agent Ellison.

But what amazed me is how big a difference the musical scored made. The unaired pilot felt so out of place compares to the official episode with Bear’s music. It gave the show the sense of urgency. And very subtle with emotional scenes.

Makes me wonder how big a difference it would have made if BSG didn’t have Bear scoring for it.

Run, Ellison! Run!

i am one of the biggest mccreary fans you’ll find. I absolutely love his music, and find his pieces some of the most beautiful and moving works of art in any musical genre. what he did with terminator was incredible, and battlestar… the music of battlestar was my favorite element of the show.
wherever this man goes, I will follow!

by the way, where can i find this unaired pilot?

it was offered by FOX on for free when TSCC first started for one day. someone must have found a way to obtain it, because it isn’t on the DVD.

this is a youtube vid that compares the changes.


thanks hansioux. really interesting vid. i like the aired version alot better:-)

there are actually several scenes that’s only in the unaired pilot. But since the youtube vid is about side by side comparison, it didn’t show those.

I think the aired version is a vast improvement.

I think I prefer the putting the weapons away scene over the swing set/playground scene at the end though. Other than that… shrugs

it’s been awhile since i watched T2 closely, but I thought the swing scene is a throw back to T2? if anybody knows if it is a throw back, let me know.

You are correct and I caught it immediately. But, I just think it makes more sense to show them prepping for war while talking about it rather than showing swings…even if it’s an homage (they coulda done that later).

agreed. also the voice over for those two scenes are slightly different. In the storing shotguns away unaired version, Sarah said “goddamn dogfight”, in the aired version Sarah said “hell of a dogfight”.

Even though the shotgun scene makes more sense, I still have to go with the swing scene, not because of the homage… but because we get to see Summer Glau’s sorry-bard as she turned away…

guns or summer glau… i have to choose summer everytime…

I concede this debate. Well played. (: