Battlestar 1980

This last weekend I found my copies of the lost season from the classic show. It’s the post-cancelled low-budget show where they find earth. These are recordings from the original broadcast. Honestly, I haven’t even watched them myself, I just took a look to make sure they seemed to be what they proported to be.

Last week I promised to share them, but I don’t remember what thread or who it was wanted them (sorry for the flakyness).

If anybody wants a copy, let me know where to send them. You’ll need some minor level of computer smarts to get them to work, but it’s pretty straight forward.

— Dismal the archivest

Galactica 1980 is actually an intersting oddity. It is, for all intent and purposes, considered non-canon by hardcore fans. There were some bad episodes, but the Starbuck episode might be one of the better original series episodes ever.

Maybe I’ll take a few (or 10) hours and watch them this weekend…

— Dismal the chairbound lazy bastard


It has been spoken!!!


I just rented at Blockbuster. Not how I remembered it. I had the same feeling when I re-watched Buck Rogers in the 25th century. Except Buck had Ardala and Wilma. Jamie looks good in the uniform but just doesn’t match up to a chick in a dangling bikini or a space vampire babe.

As far as I’m concerned this show exists even less than the original BSG. It’s the “Star Wars Holiday Special” of Battlestar Galactica.

A healthy perspective.

Or, perhaps, the “Enterprise” of BSG? (Too far?)

Are you sure you’re not talking about the real (original) Battlestar? I don’t think 1980 ever got sold on DVD… and from everything I’ve heard, it’s a complete suck-fest (and I still haven’t watched it)…

— Dismal the procrastinating TV watcher

Twenty bucks and it’s yours.

Wow… I really didn’t think they’d ever wasted the plastic to burn this… Is Adama hiding behind the beard? The guy in the front looks like the guy from Adam-12…

I guess I have to watch these things… (sigh)… there goes my evening.

— Dismal the time wastin’ bastard

Nope. It’s part of the Blockbuster Online (like Netflix) program. Never seen it in the store.

Suck-fest? Well, it certainly went in a different direction than the original BSG. Most of the episodes are blatant environmental ads, it’s on par with the 50s VD info-mercials. I was thinking of sending a memo to Al Gore.


I recommend you keep your wits and humor about you as you watch. No level of suspension of disbelief can allow you to survive unscathed.

Galactica 1980 had skin-jobs. They look like they come from France!

Great jumping belly-fat, Wolfman Jack!!

And showtunes!!

What more could you ask for?

I never got much into Star Trek, so I wouldn’t know. Perhaps it’s not far enough, though.

Two words: flying motorcycles.

Two more words: super scouts.

Return of Starbuck my aunt fannie. This show sucks. (And I remember watching it when it first aired, albeit in syndication in my native Puerto Rico, dubbed in Spanish. )

I loved “dubbed in Spanish”. My favorites are Terminator 2 and Jaws. The guy they got to voice Quint is mad awesome! Instead of Quint’s outrageous laugh, this guy does a psycho conquistador. Perfecto!

I have vague memories of that, since it was my introduction to Jaws, though it’s been years since I’ve seen it dubbed in Spanish.

One movie I’d love to see dubbed is the German version of Star Wars. Apparently German people hate the English version because Darth Vader just doesn’t sound menacing enough in it. :eek:

Be my guest:


and for seconds:


I watched the first episode last night and here are my observations:

  1. Gotta agree about the envirnmentalist overload.
  2. It’s really silly, but enjoyably so.
  3. What’s with Lorne Green’s beard? I guess it’s to make him look much older.
  4. They killed off all the bigger names from the previous season, and boxie is all grown up (played by Kent McCord from Adam-12 fame).
  5. The big brain that everybody defers to is about 10 years old.
  6. I want a flying motorcycle, as long as I don’t have to fly is perfect unison with another guy who’s six inches beside me.
  7. My copy sucks (lots of distortion).

— Dismal

He also played John Crichton’s dad in Farscape. For longest time, I was like ‘where do I know this dude from?’