Batman animes

Well, I was at the mall where a local DVD shop was having a crazy sale and bought 3 Batman DVD’s (last day offer - I had a 10% discount on top of them being already very cheap, ie less than $15 each)

They were :

  • Batman Year One (featuring the voice talents of Katee Sackhoff & Eliza Dushku!)

  • Batman under the red hood (a 2-DVD set featuring the voices of Jensen Ackles & Neil Patrick Harris!!)

  • Batman Gotham Knight (with Batman voice regular Kevin Conroy) this has some serious anime work reminiscent of the Animatrix!

It’s full of win when people don’t value the stuff one is into! Yay for me!

PS there was one I didn’t buy that had Summer Glau’s voice in it - it was a Batman with Justice League anime.

You got the best of what was there. Year one is probably the best of the lot, it kept the style and almost did not cut anything from the comic.
RedHood is a more mature take on a Batman cartoon, its violent and and most of the characters are carefully developed. It also feature more of the Bat-family, a plus when done well (Bonus Nightwing is in that one :).
Gotham Knight is a loose prequel to the Dark Knight and kind of work well in that fonction. It takes some of the characters and define them a bit more as well as creating the legend of the Batman. It also play in a realm a bit more fantastic but still in the Nolan verse.

Have fun :slight_smile:

Nightwing is in it? Cool! Hey, I thought he’s from the X-men universe?

Also, how “loose” is Gotham Knight based on the Nolan trilogy? Is it still part of the Nolan canon?

Also, how “loose” is Gotham Knight based on the Nolan trilogy? Is it still part of the Nolan canon?

I saw it a while back, and I think it is in the Nolan cannon in that it fits stylistically and does not violate anything in the movies. There isn’t really anything specifically from the movies though.

I’m watching

right now! Along with the legend Kevin Conroy as Batman/Superman, Summer Glau’s voicing Supergirl!

Is it just me, or are cartoons these days more happening? The art style is that of Michael Turner.

Gotham Knight is really just a sandbox for six different directors to play around in. Each story has a different feel and look to them, and each director envisions Batman differently. It is very much a like The Animatrix; and released for the very same reason… To drum up excitement for an upcoming film. And they both did their job quite well.

The only one I guess I did not like was ‘Field Test’, because that Batman is too reliant on gadgets and looks like a Gatchaman reject. The rest are quite good, and some are exceptional, Hell even the writing is very good in a couple. The most emotional is probably ‘Working through the Pain’.