Babylon 5: 5x21 Objects at Rest - 7/3 @ 10PM ET

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010
10 PM Eastern - 7 PM Pacific
3 AM (SUN) UK/Ireland
4 AM (SUN) Germany
11 AM (SUN) Seoul
1 PM (SUN] Melbourne

“It’s good to know that at least one of the old gang will be sticking around for a while.”

Starting now.

I love this series. JMS did it right. So well done and under appreciated IMO.


“…but this place kinda grows on you.”

It does indeed.

Agreed. An amazing series, that lead us to having BSG.

Truer words were never writ. :frowning:

yes it does and it gonna be hard to leave

Awww craaap! I missed G’Kar’s departure.

that scene with Sheridan…part of me still wishes it was Ivonova taking over…

I’m a minute behind because my DVD player didn’t start right away. So my laughter and tears will be a step behind.

JMS writes great characters, even Ta’Lon a very minor character is endearing.

the “now that I a gone line” just kinda hits you differntly now

I guess. It would have surely been more heart felt. But Lochley has grown on me, like Babylon on her and a fungus everywhere else. :slight_smile:

Love the way they filmed the G’Kar and Ta’LOn scene.

Yeah. Such a tragic loss. :frowning:

G’Kar’s speaches are always amazing, considering where his character started in season 1.

G’Kar’s statement that Ta’Lon is as ready as G’Kar was when he first came to Babylon 5 echoes Londo’s reassurance to Vir (“The Fall of Centauri Prime”) that Vir would do at least as good a job as Londo had.

The passing of the baton is very well played and emotional.

I want Dr. Hobbs as my doctor. IYKWIM.

And sadly, she had to replace Stephen for real. Another great loss. :frowning: