Babylon 5: 5x16 And All My Dreams, Torn Asunder - 6/12 @ 11PM ET

Saturday, June 12th, 2010
11 PM Eastern - 8 PM Pacific
4 AM (SUN) UK/Ireland
5 AM (SUN) Germany
12 PM (SUN) Seoul
2 PM (SUN) Melbourne

"Delenn, are you all right? You should sleep. It’ll be morning soon. You’ll need all your strength for what’s ahead. "

I’m here. :slight_smile:

This is not going to go well for the Centauri.

almost that time kids

Need more pizza.

And starting now…

let the games begin…

Those Minbari beds look singularly uncomfortable.

The poo is heading for the fan, and everyone knows it…

Such dread …

after staring at a candle all night–Id need a shower too

Oh, look, the other shoe dropped.

love the shot of the other shoe dropping…

Gotta say I’d feel the same way as Londo.

keep wondering if they had goenot Londo with their suspicons in the first place…I duuno

Love Sheridan’s goatee.

“Nothing is the same anymore”
Such saddness in those words.

They suspected that the faction that was starting this would kill Londo if he knew, but they might have been able to prevent the war also if they had Londo’s help.

gotta say - it is pretty cool that Stephen can ID the type of specieis specific weapons fire via autopsy…

Londo…you really may want to…oh crap…