Babylon 5: 5x04 A View from the Gallery - 4/24 @ 11PM ET

Saturday, April 24th, 2010
11 PM Eastern - 8 PM Pacific
4 AM (SUN) UK/Ireland
5 AM (SUN) Germany
12 PM (SUN) Seoul
2 PM (SUN) Melbourne

“That’s why I like Sheridan. Always have. A lot of these bigwigs, they’re only worried about protecting their own skin. Sheridan, he’s down in the trenches with everybody else.”

One More Time!

Lockley in her Sexxy sleep pose.

And then not so sexy hair.
(But accurate.)

Lockley isn’t awful, but I would have much preferred more Ivanova. :frowning:

They did a great job with the space scenes for this episode.

I love this kind of “behind the scenes” episode, with the C-story pushed to the forefront. Reminds me of “The Zeppo”. :slight_smile:



I didn’t think of that episode, but you are right! Both of those episodes worked for the same reason.

Love the conversation with the floor device. I’m sure most of us have done jobs that defy explanation. :slight_smile:

Such a great moment here with Stephen. Explains so much of his character.

Speculation on why Ivanova left. Just great. :slight_smile:

Funny how they put in the Ivanova backstory in there.

“I always thot they looked like plucked chickens.” :smiley:

Like “The Zeppo” all the main characters make fun cameos.

And Byron with more Shakespeare quotes.

They really went Meta with this episode. First with the Claudia C. leaving and then the Plucked chicken comments that were on the message boards when the White stars first appeared.

And yet, none from Byron? :rolleyes:

“The universe hates me, you know. I do not know why. What have I ever done to the universe? Oh, well, yes, a few things…” :smiley:

“You did not grow up, Molari, you grew old.” :rolleyes:

Fire supression in space??? IT’S SPACE!

G’Kar and Londo are friends now. (Or married…)