Babylon 5: 4x21 Rising Star - 3/27 @ 10PM ET

Saturday, March 27th, 2010
10 PM Eastern - 7 PM Pacific
3 AM (WED) UK/Ireland
4 AM (WED) Germany
11 AM (WED) Seoul
1 PM (WED) Melbourne

“Almost makes you wish that you could peek in on them, see how it’s going. - G’Kar, where is the eye that Dr. Franklin gave you?”

I’m just remembering where we left off, Marcus is dead. :frowning:

wassup peeps–we starting in 5?

damnit Marcus :frowning:

Found this on Lurker’s Guide"

Perhaps not coincidentally, all the major ambassadors have been willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Delenn was willing to die to stop the Minbari civil war (“Moments of Transition.”) Londo was ready to give up his life to save Centauri Prime from the Vorlon planetkiller (“Into the Fire.”) Sheridan ordered a suicide run to stop Earth from being razed by a defense platform (“Endgame.”) G’Kar offered to return to Narn and face certain death to save the families of the Narn on Babylon 5 (“A Day in the Strife.”) Kosh forfeited his life when he arranged for the Vorlon fleet to attack the Shadows (“Interludes and Examinations.”)

hmmm-that is true. Lots of nobility there

That’s our Moon, bitches!!

HAHAHAH - awesome

Wow! The press gets a lot closer to events than they do now.

President Luchenko’s comment about “the better angels of our nature” was a reference to the last line of Abraham Lincoln’s first inaugural address, in which he urged the United States not to lapse into civil war.

Willing partners…?

How could you know that?

Too late, Franklin. Too late.

I have to wonder how ISN managed to get this footage.

gotta love the Vir wave in the intro

I know that’s what I was saying.

Poor Ivanova. Of all the things she’s been through. This, she never gets over.

He moved so much faster when he was on stims. :stuck_out_tongue:

That, and the salary dispute. :frowning:

God has an English accent.


Oh SNAP!! That’s cold.

Ivanova, go back to girls. :stuck_out_tongue: