Ok, I’m not smart and clearly am not proud. I can not find where to include an avatar as part of my profile. Any help would be great, thanks.

Step 1: Click on User CP, located on the left hand side of the menu bar
Step 2: Click on Edit Avatar

You have two choices: Link to an avatar or upload it from your computer. If you have avatars stored in something like photobucket or flickr link to that, otherwise upload away.

Let us know if this helps!

Added info: Use Photobucket.com if you want to link to an outside source (there are other options, I just find that easiest.)

Shrink your avatar to 80x80 pixels (and 19.5 KB or smaller,) if you want to have it hosted here.

Thanks Solai and Pike - also to Gyper for the quick shrinking of the pic. Got it all figured out now!