Avatar: The Last Airbender Series Final Week

Don’t forget to use spoiler font in case anyone hasn’t watched the episodes yet!!!

So, Avatar fans, have you watched the first two episodes yet??? I have just loved them, especially tonight’s episode “The Firebending Masters.” Yeah, I love my animated boy Zuko. (I’m a sad, sick puppy.) Seriously, though, I loved:

[spoiler]that the gang didn’t just accept Zuko right off the bat. Katara’s reaction, in particular was very in character. Her violent opposition to Zuko because she felt personally betrayed by him was apparent. And Zuko’s inability to fire bend was surprising and yet fitting. I love how that was resolved in tonight’s episode. Oh, and the info about Iroh being deemed worthy by the dragons and telling a lie to protect them–fantastic! I just love Iroh–I hope we see more of him in the upcoming episodes. [/spoiler]

I’m still surprised [spoiler]they accepted Zuko at all after his betrayal at Ba Sing Se. He’s a fickle little Skywalker, isn’t he? …I’m personally not convinced he learned enough to side with the avatar after being manipulated and blinded for so long. A change of heart and perspective like that needs some monumental events, not just some hardcore sulking. Still, it’s compelling and the son should bring down the father and restore balance… (may the force be with him)

Uncle Iroh’s ties to the White Lotus secret society hopefully will factor in before the show’s finale. I’m nervous that little side story won’t have a payoff. He’s clearly got a scheme going and want Aang to defeat the Fire Lord.

I’m still wondering if Aang will die in the finale and end the line avatars leaving the world to learn from it’s mistakes. That would be the ballsy-est American cartoon ever![/spoiler]

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the finale for months. Luckily a lot of this week’s episodes are available by ‘other means’, including tonights boiling rock arc which was really great. How can you not love Suki?

The Southern Raiders airs tommorrow
The Ember Island Players airs friday (pesky recap episodes! :mad: )
The comet arrives Saturday! (4 episodes in a row? 2 or hours movie?)

Been enjoying the daily marathons and picking up episodes I’ve missed. It’s a shame the show is ending. The story, animation and voicework are leagues ahead than any other animated show on western tv now or in recent cartoon history.

I wonder what their next project will be.

Hurry up finale, E3 coverage can only distract me for so long!

Reactions to tonight’s episode “The Boiling Rock” in no particular order:


  1. OMG! I LOVE Sukyi! She rocks out loud. There were so many parts of this episode where I said, “damn! That girl rocks!” My favorite moments were when she took the warden hostage and when she was fighting Ty Lee.

  2. The Sokka/ Zuko buddy dynamic really worked. I’ve always hoped to see Zuko turn to the good side. If he has any moments of questioning his allegiance, I think he’ll quickly decide to stay on the good side.

  3. Ty Lee taking down Azula was AWESOME! I didn’t see that coming. I thought that Mei might injure Azula in a fight, but the fact that Ty Lee intervened was just great. Of course, now I wonder if we’ll see Mei and Ty Lee again. Zuko really seems to care for her, so I’m betting that he’ll be reunited with her in the end.

  4. Koda returning and being with Sokka and Katara again warmed my heart. Their hug at the end was wonderful.

You know, I just can’t believe an animated series can make me feel so much while I’m watching it. There are moments I laugh, cry and shout at the TV while I’m watching it. It’s going to go down as one of my favorite shows ever. I’m loving and yet dreading this end to the series. I’m guessing this is how I will feel as we come down the home-stretch for BSG.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s episode to shed some light on the death of Katara’s and Sokka’s mother. It’ll probably be tragic and sad, but still… can’t wait hehe

I know, I feel the same way. I was reluctant to watch the show, thinking it was just another anime imitation, and Aang seemed like another bratty kid stereotype. A friend turned me on to the show last year (ie - forced me to watch one) and after an episode or 2 I was hooked. The story is beautiful, intricately detailed, and VERY epic. The characters are complex and very deep. I love how every episode takes a few moments to play an emotional/comedic beat for each character. Few cartoons pull that off, and it’s even rarer to see it done so well. It’s a wonderful quality that Avatar and BSG share.

The Boiling Rock was my favorite episode of the season in a season of great episodes. And I’m sure the last 3 episodes will likely top it in awesomeness and be the send off a true work of art deserves.

So M. Night Shymalan can rape it’s greatness to save his failing career.

I know! It’s SO frakkin’ unfair.

Oh, one other comment about The Boiling Rock:

[spoiler]What was up with Azula’s jet power? I get the idea of her being able to use her firebending in ways no other firebender can. She’s truly bad-ass (sorry Barb) in the tradition of great evil characters, but the jet propulsion seemed a bit cheesy to me. [/spoiler]

Yeah, I always wondered how she has those special powers. Even Iroh took years to learn lightning himself and he didn’t have anyone to teach him. Did I miss an episode where they showed her teacher?

She’s like frakkin’ Palpatine. With all these dark side powers that make purist firebenders look downright weak. Where’s all this power coming from in such a short time?

Here’s an excellent SPOILER-FREE review of the series finale:


        [b]"Sozin's Comet" Produces an Epic Season Finale for "Avatar the Last Airbender"[/b]
          By Ed Liu
          07-18-2008, 1:00 AM                                      Fans of Nickelodeon's [i]Avatar the Last Airbender[/i] have had a long and frustrating wait for the conclusion to book 3. That wait is finally over as "Sozin's Comet," the show's four-part season finale, finally hits the airwaves on July 19. The wait was worth it. "Sozin's Comet" truly is the culmination of the preceding 57 episodes, expertly utilizing its extended running time to give this season of [i]Avatar[/i] the finale that it deserves.

The astronomic event of the title has been a looming threat since the show’s first season. A century earlier, the arrival of Sozin’s Comet (and its amplifying effect on the Fire Nation’s forces) was used by Firelord Sozin to launch a genocidal attack that exterminated the Air Nomads. The comet’s return again threatens the world’s stability, with only the Avatar Aang and his small group of friends standing in the way of Firelord Ozai and a complete and irrevocable Fire Nation victory. The stakes are impossibly high, and “Sozin’s Comet” plays this tension to the hilt.

While waiting for the finale, a common topic of discussion among Avatar fans has been, “Will Aang kill Firelord Ozai?” Ozai’s monstrous and irredeemable nature has only been matched by Aang’s benevolence and fundamentally non-violent character. What has gone unstated up to now serves to drive the first hour of the show, as Aang grapples with the fact that the confrontation that he has been preparing for seems destined to end with the death of one opponent at the hands of the other, flying directly against every ethical and moral precept that defines him as a person. To the show’s credit, they tackle this subject head-on, with Aang’s ethical dilemma driving the first and second episodes of the show. Little else can be said without spoiling the entire plot, but the resolution to the dilemma manages to be quite satisfying while staying true to all the characters.

The third and fourth episodes are marked by four-pronged combat pitting Aang and his allies against Ozai, the malevolent Princess Azula, and the forces of the Fire Nation. These extended battle sequences range from vast, sweeping battles involving casts of thousands to extremely personal, intimate, face-to-face duels. Both are handled with equal skill and inventiveness, yielding up pulse-pounding thrills and heart-stopping reversals, along with some of the most sophisticated action animation ever seen on this show or, for that matter, any American action cartoon to date. It comes as little surprise to find the concluding episodes were directed by Joaquim Dos Santos, one of our favorite action animation directors, but he shows equal skill at the slower scenes, including one moving reconciliation and the quiet coda that ties off many of the remaining loose ends of the series.

Earlier two-part episodes of Avatar haven’t always been very tightly coupled to each other. However, the epic scope of “Sozin’s Comet” truly needs its four half-hour chapters to tell the story that concludes this season of the show. It manages its running time just about perfectly, using every moment either to drive the plot forward or to ratchet up the tension and raise the stakes for Aang and his friends. The only serious complaint that can be leveled at this season finale is that the voice of an important new character is a bit too hard to understand, which is quite serious considering the importance of the character’s words to the conclusion. A more serious criticism is that the quality and emotional heft of “Sozin’s Comet” makes the first half of book 3 seem even less substantial in hindsight. Perhaps rewatching the entire season again will make the larger plan clearer, but at the moment, “Sozin’s Comet” makes many of the episodes up to “Day of Black Sun” seem like entertaining but ultimately unimportant filler.

The sense of finality to “Sozin’s Comet” is also noteworthy. Franchises seem to be the theme of the day at many media companies, with many movies and TV shows getting more and more brazen at leaving doors wide open for interminable sequels and spin-offs. There are definitely unresolved plot elements and unanswered questions by the end of “Sozin’s Comet,” and it is unquestionable that Avatar’s creators, its fans, and Nickelodeon all want more stories set in the richly engrossing Avatar world. Even so, “Sozin’s Comet” provides a powerful sense of closure to Aang’s story. This tale is Finished. Those dangling plot threads aren’t an invitation to more direct follow-ups as much as they’re just reminders that life is messy and we don’t always get answers to the questions that we have. If there is to be more Avatar in the future, one hopes that it will not pick up where this show left off, but strike off in a bold new direction instead.

One thing is certain: with “Sozin’s Comet,” the bar has been set almost impossibly high for any future Avatar tales. Despite an uneven first half to the third season, this season finale easily cements Avatar’s position as one of the finest animated television series ever made. The cast and crew of Avatar has produced a work that is truly exceptional, and “Sozin’s Comet” manages to produce a truly satisfying conclusion while still leaving us hungry for more.

I’m not sure who her teachers were. I don’t think the twin old ladies were her firebending masters. She was shown in a flashback to be cruel and cold, even as a child. Perhaps because she draws her power from an inherent malevolence (as opposed to a drive toward a goal, as Zuko has), her powers are stronger, more dangerous. She choose to use them for evil purposes and has cultivated her malevolent nature in order to make them even stronger over the years. (Much like, I’m assuming, her father and paternal grandfather. Don’t forget that Avatar Roku was her maternal grandfather, so she comes from STRONG stock to begin with.) Actually, I’d like to re-watch “The Avatar and the Firelord” again, come to think of it.

I thought last night’s episode with Katara was just OK. I liked it but [spoiler]Katara doesn’t seem alright to me. She chose to do the right thing, but she’s still got a lot of anger inside of her. I’m glad she forgave Zuko, but even that was kind of under-sold, in my opinion.[/spoiler]

Oh, and…[spoiler] the scene with Sukyi/Zuko/Sokka where Zuko went into Sokka’s tent was hilarious! We actually rewound it and watched it again because it was so funny. Gotta’ love that the show can make you laugh like that in the middle of such serious stuff.[/spoiler]

My favorite Sokka moment:

So, where is Mercury Shadow? I thought he’d be here weighing in on the Avatar discussion. We’re a small group of Avatar fans here at GWC.

Watched this weeks “marathon” with my wife and can’t wait for the finale. The episode where Katara confronted her mother’s killer was probably my favorite of the whole series.

I love the question posed at the end of the Southern Raiders…

Will Aang KILL the Fire Lord?

I think it’s a safe bet he won’t. It’s not like the little monk has it in him and it sends a bad message to kids hehe. Yet the Fire Lord is not one to back down and would probably kill his own son, let alone a snot-nosed annoying avatar.

I would imagine he will probably to kill himself as his grand plan collapses around him… or even have a disney-esque fall from ‘power’. I do’t see a sunny family picnic finale for Zuko, Azula and Ozai. If the FireLord does die… it won’t be by Aang’s hand.

Is there forgiveness for the Fire Lord? Maybe… Will it matter to old’brimstone? probably not. :stuck_out_tongue:

I even have doubts Zuko will end up with Mai as well. I think his ties to the Fire Nation are gone… Will he lead a new Fire Nation from the ashes? I think that would be too predictable. Looking forward to see how it all pans out.

As long as my man, Iroh is still around, I’m a happy guy. :slight_smile:

-Not enough horrible play. Well more than enough play, but not enough reactions to it. Hilarious.
-Katara really screwed Aang over. Tough Break, kid.
-I never realized just how many times Ember Island appeared in book 3.
-I just realized I have no idea where Uncle Iroh is…

2-HR FINALE tonight! :smiley:

[li]I think the play was brilliant…a hilarious caricature of each of the characters…interpreted through the eyes of the fire nation. Toph was my favorite, as was the real Toph’s reaction to the actor playing her.[/li][li]Sokka’s reactions to his character were hilarious too, especially after he talked to the actor.[/li][li]My favorite play moment: When Zuko says “Did Jet just die?” and Sokka responds “It really wasn’t clear.” That was a total shout-out to the fans, who felt the same way when Jet died in Ba Sing Se.[/li][li]Yeah, OUCH! to Katara’s coldness to Aang. I’ve always thought there is chemistry between Katara/ Zuko…but I’d hate to see Aang completely screwed-over in the end.[/li][li]I guess I want to see Zuko completely redeemed at the end all of the “Aang Gang” happy. I like things wrapped in a neat little bow like that.[/li][li]I, too, doubt whether Aang will kill the firelord. It makes me think of how Gollum grabs the ring from Frodo and plunges into the depths of Mount Doom at the end of The Return of the King. Gollum essentially killed himself with his own greed. Perhpas Ozai will come to his end in a similar way. I can see Zuko doing it, though. However it happens, balance will have to be restored to the world.[/li][*]I think we’ll see Iroh again. He escaped from the prison in the fire nation at the end of the first half of season 3. Remember, he was all buff, though we thought he had become weak and fat? Should be interesting.[/ul]

We LOVE Avatar here! My boys got me into it. We’re all ready for tonight’s movie. We should have had a frak party. Is the movie tonight the end of the series?

Yes, I just finished watching it! I wish I had time tonight to put all my thoughts down here. I’ll be away for most of tomorrow too, but maybe I’ll get time in the morning. I was truly impressed, overall. The fight/action sequences were amazing.

And yes, sadly, that is the end of the Aang/Zuko story within the Avatar world, but the creators of the series have said that they plan to do more Avatar-verse stuff. So, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what that means. I’m hoping they’ll reveal what they mean at their panel at Comic-Con.

Wow. Just wow. I felt like I was tingling throughout the entire finale. I loved it and there is very little negative that I can say about it. Let’s see if I can put down a few reactions here:

-The epic action sequences were AMAZING. I was especially impressed by the fight between Aang and Ozai…when Aang went into the Avatar state, I was soo excited. And the way he was surrounded by all four elements and using them to both fight and defend himself. Whoa.

-I really thought for a minute there that Aang was going to end Ozai. I was breathless and then…he didn’t. And then he kinda’ did. Taking Ozai’s bending power…an inspired choice that I didn’t see coming and the visual of it was very cool. I didn’t feel cheated at all, especially considering that there was no forgiveness for Ozai in the end (except maybe from Aang). I loved Sokka and Toph taunting Ozai…and Zuko’s visit to Ozai in the prison cell.

-There was part of me that wanted to know the answer to Zuko’s question to Ozai about his mother. That’s always been a small plot element that has bothered me, perhaps because I am a mother.

-Iroh…well, it wasn’t what I was hoping to see from him, but having him join with the other masters as the Order of the White Lotus (or whatever they call themselves) was cool. Seeing them take back Ba Sing Se was interesting. I loved the moment where Iroh burned the fire nation flag on the Earth kingdom palace. I get the feeling that the dialog from Iroh has been kept to a minimum since Mako died. I think the new voice actor does a good job but the difference is a little noticeable.

-The showdown with Azula was fantastic. I loved that Zuko had her bested until she aimed lightning at Katara and then he threw himself in front of Katara. I loved that Katara was the one to finally take the completely unhinged Azula down. The vision of Azula shooting blue flames out of her mouth in rage after having her hands chained was, well, very Azula. And Katara healing Zuko was touching.

-The reunion and reconciliation between Iroh and Zuko was very touching. It was perfect.

-The way everything was wrapped-up felt satisfying. Zuko becoming firelord and standing with Aang in front of all the nations echoed the relationship between Sozin and Roku. Sokka and Sukyi together: perfect. Aang and Katara kissing at the end: very sweet, though I still didn’t expect it to happen that way. I was surprised that Mei and Zuko ended-up together. I think the problem with Mei is that she’s never been a likable character. She’s done one altruistic thing: saving Zuko from Azula. That wasn’t enough for me to root for her, though. The scene in Iroh’s tea shop made me all warm and tingly. I loved that Iroh said he was going to reopen the tea shop and “play pai sho every day.” Awww.

-My one major complaint is the lion-turtle’s voice, which was very hard to understand. I know that what he said was very key to how Aang’s final battle with Ozain turned-out but I can’t quite figure out what it was that he said.[/spoiler]

I can’t wait to watch this again, but it’s probably going to be a few days until I get around to it. Avatar has been an amazing series and I can only hope that the creators will come up with new stories to tell, even with other characters, though I will greatly miss Aang and everyone from this series. (I think I have just had a preview of how I am going to feel at the end of BSG. Gulp.) I am anxious to see if they will reveal their plans at Comic-Con next weekend.

Si I watched the whole 1st season, then kinda fell out of touch w/ Avatar. However, i sis watch the episodes in the final week just to see (they were good enough to warrant me “getting” all of the seasons). Even though I didnt know much about some of the events/characters, they were all well-done. Like BSG it seems like its entertainment comes from the characters first, then the story second; which is good.

We were all thrilled with the movie. Hate to see that the series ended though. I thought everything was wrapped up well, without the forced happy ending feeling. It’s not like it will be easy putting the world back together after the Fire Nation has been in charge for 100 years. I’m looking forward to watching it again and going back through the whole series.

So glad to see the Avatar love here at GWC!

It was an EXCELLENT finale. Kids are so darn lucky these days to have a good cartoon like this to grow up with hehe. The final was everything I hoped for and more… and how can you say that about a series. Truly epic, well paced, and beautifully told. EVERYONE had their moments to shine and all the final battles outshone the others.

The only thing I felt it needed more of was: [spoiler]a scene where Katara realized that she loved Aang… hopefully for a reason she choose him other than he’s powerful and famous now haha[/spoiler] I really hope there’s more to this Avatar-verse. I’d take more stories of these characters we’ve gotten to see grow these last 3 years than some modern-day airbender tale from M.Night Shasbeen.

All the stuff with Iroh was perfect. [spoiler]those old guys know how to get it done. I’m really glad this plot paid off. I was so worried they ended the series prematurely and the secret of the white lotus wouldn’t be revealed. Someone needs to hairbend Bumi’s crazy pits.[spoiler]

and the seed for a sequel gave me hope.
[spoiler]So MrsFireLord is still alive? Maybe her reflection in the mirror wasn’t just a vison hehe. I’m wondering if Sokka & Katara’s mother really is dead… there’s no grave or body. And what happened with Azula? Was it the nuthouse for her? she can still firebend…[/spoiler]

I have to admit, coming out of The Dark Knight and Sozin’s Comet this weekend… I’m actually a bit more pumped up about the Avatar finale hehe… I great sequel tends to resonate less with me than a good finale. At least initially. But as far as finales go, sequels deliver the ‘more’, while finales give you ‘all’ And Avatar really had an EXCELLENT finale.


The final rocked. Though…

[spoiler]Couldn’t they have just kept the Firelord busy until the comet passed and then dealt with him?[/spoiler]