Arrival (2016)

Anybody going to see ARRIVAL ?
It looks pretty good. Hope it is.
Going to see it tomorrow.


I was planning to go see it this past Sunday afternoon, only to find out that exactly ZERO theaters in my area are showing it. Then I did a check on a site other than Yahoo Movies for showtimes, and discovered that my local theater apparently is showing it (hopefully this other site is to be believed). Never been let down by Yahoo Movies before…however the lesson of the day now is, don’t trust Yahoo Movies. Hopefully I can see it this weekend.

I loved this movie. Real scifi, real quiet, real questions.
It really made me think - for days.

After thinking about it for a week, I saw it again.
Liked it even better a second time.
Of course I caught a lot more, knowing what was coming.
So good !!

Like I said Arrival was real quiet.
But the fact that there was so much “unknown,”
made this movie suspenseful.

I love the space-opera films,
I love the scifi shoot-em-ups.

Arrival is neither -
It felt mature and intelligent,
and so interesting.

Totally in agreement. Got to see it on Sunday. There were maybe 25 people in the theater total, and it was totally quiet for the whole thing. We were just all slowly taking it in, I think.

The film was so slow and methodical at nearly every moment, it took its time and the build-ups sometimes felt glacial, but I don’t feel like it ever took longer than it needed. It made me quite tense several times but never so much that I felt like I wanted to jump out of my seat and scream, it was very subdued and it layered wonder and dread in equal parts. As with everything it’s the process and not so much the result that matters, this film definitely underscored that and in droves. I feel like the film still left as many questions as answers at the end but in a way that makes you think and think and think rather than be disappointed.