Apollo's Viper :)

The Kit is by mobius with a little tweeking from me. The interior was rather bland so I used a detai kit and aftermarket seat. Hope you like it

Great Job!

I really like the back lit panels in the cockpit :slight_smile:


Dude! Frakkin’ OSSIM!

Very, VERY well done!

So say we all!


Wow, very well done!

Well that’s just a joy to see…

awesome job!

you should be damn proud, dude

Thank you guys. Glad you liked it. Now to finish my Galactica kit while I listen in :slight_smile:

Holy Frak. That’s like QmX quality work there! Amazing, and I love the paint detail on the exterior! May I ask how long something like that took to build, and have you a link to the company that supplies the kit?

Damn! What’s the scale, and/or how big is the model? That is one fine piece of work. What kind of aftermarket stuff is available for the back-lit panels?

Obviously, you’ve impressed the heck out of some hardcore BSG fans here. :slight_smile: Super awesome job!

PS: Love the helmet sitting on the pilot’s chair. Sweet touch.

Thanks a million Top Gun. The kit is about 10-11" in length and it is made by Moebius. It took me about…2 months. But that’s because I have been unemployed for almost 2.5 years :wink:
Anyway, you can easily find the kit anywhere like Amazon, Ebay etc. Here’s a good place to start
also bought this
http://www.starshipmodeler.biz/shop/index.cfm/product/2224/132-viper-mk-vii-photoetched-cockpit-for-moebius.cfmThe painting/weathering is a combination of acrylic/solvent based paints, washes and pigments. The lights are basic LEDs. If you try and tackle something like this let me know. I’m more than willing to help however I can

What a fraking good job you did!! salute

Amazing work! Good for you!