Anyone on this forum a fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender?

I didn’t know where to post this so I figured “other” covered it. LOL.

I’m a huge fan of the series Avatar (though Nickelodeon handles the show really poorly in my opinion). The NYCC trailer for the final part of the series just went up online and I’m really, really excited to see the new (though final) episodes air.

I was just wondering if anyone else here is a fan of Avatar too?


Yeah It is a wicked good show. I never know when it’s on and it’s been months since the last new episode.

Avatar is a great show. Lots of action and fun stuff for the kids. Plenty of complex issues to keep adults intrigued. Just high quality TV.

My little brother loves it. When I babysit, we sit around and watch it. It is a pretty cool show

I totally agree with you. It’s a great show, but Nick always moves it around so I never know when it is on.

OK, Avatar fans…it’s official…Nick has announced that the series returns on July 14th. [SIZE=2][COLOR=silver]Also, in case you haven’t seen the new trailer, here’s an OK version–it’s the version Nickelodeon sent to It looks like a very exciting end to the series…[/COLOR][/SIZE]



My fiancee is addicted to Avatar and has Books 1 and 2 on DVD. I just sent her the link to this trailer, she’s gonna love it.

We love here, my two boys, 12 & 15 years and me. It’s funny and I can follow the story better than I can with all the animee they watch.

Agreed. I heard about this two years ago from Amy (Keara) and finally checked it out a few months ago. As a good sci-fi father, my daughters enjoy sci-fi and fantasy. Recently they re-watched the Star Wars movies with me and a few GwCers.

Anyway, my youngest loves the series and has devoured it on Netflix Instant Watch. I was watching it here and there and really got interested. It’s a great series.

I just finished the series while on duty yesterday, ya know what. The whole thing was pretty dang good.

I personally loved it. I thought it was a perfect series from start to finish. :smiley:

The wife and I are into the second season right now. I always seem to come into good sci fi years late. :-/

The series was very good, I was glad I purchased the whole set. But I still refuse to watch the live action movie, I have heard nothing but bad things about it.

I love the show. Own all sets on DVD, but I was very disappointed by the movie.

I love Avatar I didn’t even bother seeing the movie the series is a good start to anyone new to anime.

watched the series some but found it a little kid-ish the movie wasnt bad wasnt good just somewhere in the middle where 2 hours just cant tell this story, till further notice ill be agnositc when it comes to air bender. but no hate on my end.

Done with the series… epic man. It was so freakin good!

I’d say keep with it if you think that. It gets really in depth and very story heavy.


Nicktoons announced this a while ago, I just got wind of it from a buddy.

New Avatar Series!