Anyone else not feeling it?

I really want to like Caprica, but so far my reaction is “meh”.

Since I have two X chromosomes, apparently I’m the demographic RDM was interested in pulling in with Caprica; but so far I’m thinking that if something doesn’t really grab me soon, I’d rather devote my Friday nights to rewatching Battlestar Galactica.

I can’t tell what’s missing, I can’t articulate why this series is simply not doing it for me, but I can tell you that if tonight’s episode doesn’t pique my interest, I think I’m giving up on it.

Any other BSGer’s feel the same?

I’m starting to feel it over teh last two or three eps. It started off kinda “meh” - but now…yeah I’m good

My reaction was kind of the opposite. I fully expected myself to hate Caprica, I was all ready not to get into it, but once I did, other than Lost, it’s the drama I look forward to the most and makes me think the most each week.

But I can see why - it’s quite soapy, and I’m still kind of meh on Adama Sr.

What he said

I really liked the pilot, but I am not as excited about the rest. I want them to concentrate on the Soldiers of the One, the industrial competition (and the resulting development of the Cylons) and maybe the cultural differences between the Capricans and everybody else. When they are doing those things, I’m into it…but when they’re not am ‘meh’. I hoping that everything starts to tie together a little better and to that end I’ll continue to watch at least until the end of the season.

I’m halfway feeling it. Sort of like the way I feel about Stargate: Universe. I like the concept and I want to see more of it, but it hasn’t hooked me the way the previous series did.

Of course, it’s hard to top “33” in awesomeness. And I was hooked after that.

I think the show is quite great,
I was surprised, expected to hate it,
but it hooked me.

suffers from too much plot. I’m excited about it, and will watch it, tho.

Tamara and Zoe? Pick a villain and let her fall.

Adama Sr. a poor ad? Okay, lets get Willie into the space fleet fast.

Gay mafia? Rock on! But tie it to the U-67 plot more tightly.

The religious conflict is good; it fuels the coming war.

Oh, wait, TOO much plot! Let’s focus on the making of the cylons, their spread, and the coming war. Who needs New Cap City?

tamara and zoe are supposed to be parallel of each other. i am loving those story lines

I am definitly feeling it. I just watched the last two eps back to back, and decided this is my new favorite show. At the same time, I understand some of the complaints, but the things people do not like are generally not things that bother me in TV shows. In other words, its like this show was made just for me. :slight_smile:

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it’s been a very slow burn for me. liking it enogu to watch it, came very close to just giving up about three or four eps ago. i like that it feels more sci-fi now, characters are starting to change, it’s starting to go somewhere now, whereas at first i felt like it was treading water.

i’d like for joe adama to get more to do, though. mostly he just stumbles aimlessly around, looking concerned.

Im feeling it.
It has some slow movements, but cmon, even bsg had its moments.
Woman King? Black Market?
Id much rather have these slow feeling around episodes early on than right dab in the middle.

for the kinds words.

Nope, I’m really liking it. It’s getting stronger as the episodes go by, too. I sure hope they have 4-5 seasons of stories to tell, and Syfy (I just hate saying that…) keeps it on that long.

I’m really digging this show, especially after the latest episode. I like how we are starting to see how the Cylons got their ideas of resurrection, and monotheism. I’m not too enthralled by the New Cap City stuff, and not crazy about Tamara just yet, but I’m waiting to see what they are going to do with that storyline.

You can talk all you want about story and plot and character development. The most important issue EVER is if they’ll have a season 1 DVD with extra nudity like in the pilot.

From your lips to the Gods’ ears…

You can talk all you want about story and plot and character development. The most important issue EVER is if they’ll have a season 1 DVD with extra nudity like in the pilot.

I’m in.
Especially if its Clarice

I can see how people expecting Galatica would be disappointed cause its not anything like it. I think of it as godfather 2; it doesn’t have the immediacy of BSG but its more almost completely about the characters… but than they showed new cap city and tapped into my three pack a day Film noir habit and suddenly they have me. but thats just me.

I thought the pilot was great, then started feeling a little bored with the prime time drama aspect of the show. I also felt like the Lacy B stories were just a gimmick to pull in the teen-aged CW crowd. But the last two episodes really revived my hopes for the series. I’m pretty invested now.

Haha, thank you! Those two have got to be the worst ones! A friend recently told me he had only seen one episode of BSG and then went on to describe The Woman King. I begged him not to form any opinions on the series from that episode.