Anime Reccomendations

I must admit to something. I’ve never gotten into anime and as a big sci-fi and fantasy fan I feel like I must be missing something. I thought that as this forum is the biggest and best collection of very cool people throughout the entirety of the internet, you guys might have some recommendations that could help me get into this genre that I feel I have given so little attention for so long.

P.S. If there’s already a thread for this please let me know so I can go look there and we won’t have any duplicate threads.


Hi! Hopefully I can help a little.

You might check out Robotech. Classic transforming spaceships and an alien invader. Another classic is Neon Genesis Evangelion, with a dense storyline and great mecha.

A more recent favorite of mine is Gankutsuou, loosely based on the Count of Monte Cristo. The art is stunning.

All links have spoilers further down the page, but the first paragraphs give a good overview.

The films of Hayao Miyazaki might also be of interest. There’s an anime Frak party on Sundays. Tomorrow is Castle in the Sky.

Hope that helps!

Dont watch Evangelion
it will make you cry
and want to kill your self
but not before taking about a few innocents
its amazing

Evangelion is kind like…almost nessacary its such a genre definer(at least for me.) I used to be able to talk for HOURS about that show. Less so now.

I just got done watching the Melancoly of Haruhi Suzumiya, fantastic show, although its non linear storytelling. Its orignal viewing order is great in my opinion, I’m gonna re-watch it in a month or so and watch in linear order and see how that does. It poses some great issues and discussion points in my opinion(either that or I read to much into things or I’m thick as a log.) Its rather wacky, and even the wackier stuff is not out of this world insane. All of it makes sense withing the universe. Although its a little…riske in places. Haruhi’s treatment of Asahina springs to mind…although parts of it are humourous.

I gotta second Rosaleen, Gankutsuou fantastic show, weather you’ve read the novel or not. The art is mind blowing in places, although not for everyone. I’ve heard people dislike it. Also there’s a VERY adult scene around episode four/five.

Monster, Monster will to quote Boxey somewhat, make you laugh, cry, and potentially drive you insane. The thing is seventy episodes long. and argueably only one of those is filler. Its a great mix of character driven plot and drama, and action. As well as thought provoking. It really does sound like a lot to take in, but you do get kept up with it and drawn in. That and it really is one long completely interweving story. You just need to give it four episodes.

Samurai Champloo, Violence, Samurai, Cool Stuff.

Cowboy Bebop, This like Evangelion, you need to see. It is a FANTASTIC, I cant quite sum up why it just is. If you want a taste of what its like without buying the whole set of dvd’s try the movie. Its unrealted. Doesnt feel good without knowing the characters.

Total anime noob here and just wanted to say thanks to those that made suggestions in this thread. I recently watched Ghost in the Shell for the first time and really loved it. I am going to get some of these recommended titles soon. Any more suggestions of anime along the lines of Ghost would be greatly appreciated. Also, the music in Ghost in the Shell was awesome and was wondering if anyone knew if its available on itunes or amazon?

My tastes will obviously differ from others but here we go-


Rahxephon- beautiful and unique mechs, great music, and a twisty turny story that will keep you guessing until the end.

STR.A.IN- Cool looking mechs …in space!

Gundam the 08th MS Team- Mechs in jungle warfare.

And if you really want to subject yourself to a taste of Evangelion I would suggest Evangelion 1.01, the story moves faster and there is far less whinning.

Gritty action:

Black Lagoon- Awesome! Mezzo- Ditto! Gunslinger Girl- Pretty good so far… Baccano- Awesome series but hard to follow, the story jumps back and forth through time, and it has a HUGE cast of characters. Excellent voice work, good music, and exceptional animation. It also inculdes a supernatural element…

SciFi Action:

Cowboy Beebop- Cream of the crop. Armitage, Battle Angel, Cyber City are all pretty good.


Blood the last vampire (the original OVA)- It is gorgeous!!! Demon City Shinjuku, Vampire Hunter D, Witch Hunter Robin, Hellsing- are all worth a look.


Claymore- Is wonderful! Fullmetal Alchemist, Brotherhood- is fantastic. Those who hunt Elves (comedy)- is a guilty pleasure… Record of Lodoss Wars- Not bad, worth a look.


Steamboy- Good movie! Last Exile- I enjoyed it, not everyones cup of tea but I love aircraft.


Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Nausicaa and the valley of the wind:), My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke.


Sword of the Stranger, Ninja Scroll- great movies. Moribito Guardian of the Spirit- a great series with a wonderfully rich and detailed fantasy world, and it is full of heart; I loved it!


Tenchi Muyo- a very old favorite. The Irresponsible Captian Taylor, Lum, Lupin the Third, Ramna 1/2.

Best anime movie I have seen recently is Summer Wars!

This is just a sampling of course… But it should keep a curious soul busy for awhile. Enjoy!:smiley:

I think the best recommendations for people interested in anime are the crossover hits that appeal to people beyond the target audience.

For that, Hayao Miyazaki films (starting with Princess Mononoke and/or Spirited Away) are some of the best movies the genre has to offer.

I’d also highly recommend Cowboy Bebop. I don’t have any kind of anime collection anymore after really being into it from about 2001-2004, but I still keep all of my Miyazaki films and Cowboy Bebop (plus movie). They both also benefit from wonderful music. Joe Hisaishi and Yoko Kanno are brilliant composers.