Angry Birds are Cylons!

I just realized, the Angry Birds are Cylons!

[li]The Cylons Were Created by Man. Check.
[/li][li]They Rebelled. Well, they do have a temper.
[/li][li]They Evolved. Not yet, not yet.
[/li][li]They Look and Feel Human. Not that we know, but see below.
[/li][li]Some are programmed to think they are Human. That would explain the guy who cut me off on the highway.
[/li][li]There are many copies. Many, many, many, copies.
[/li][li]And they have a Plan. Yes, oh yes.

And, there are seven models that we currently know of.

I must wonder who are the final five!

I like your thinking, however that would make us equivalent to the snerky pigs and I HATE the pigs. I don’t want to be them. :frowning:

…does one of the pigs have an eyepatch?

Well, if it takes place in the past, we are both! And it may take place in the future!

And finally revenge on the pigs!!

Yes, yes it does.

The snerky Pigs app don’t seem to be that popular… yet :shifty: