Anchorman 2.... its go time!



Sweet sweet scotchy mcscotch Scotch!


Stay classy SanDiego.


Go eff’ yourself, San Diego. :). I’m pretty pumped about this!


glad I’m not the only one! Anchorman and Zoolander are my go-to movies when I need to laugh cause I don’t want to cry. Y’know, when I’m caught in a glass case of emotions.


I resisted Anchorman until my college bff was like, get me Anchorman on DVD for my birthday. So being a good bestie I did and OMG we watched in and HILARITY! YAY MORE HILARITY!


I had a roommate when I studied abroad who would watch it every week so she wouldn’t forget any lines… now that’s dedication.

btw, i love lamp.


ahh … 70’s style!




Yeah…I killed a guy with a trident.

Speaking of that…you’re probably going to want to lay low for a while…


Every night when I get in bed with my book, Gemma comes up and puts her face in my lamp and licks it and I say, “Gemma, you love lamp.”


Yeah, I’d go a step further and throw Dodgeball into the mix…but htose two get the job done too…


examples of “2012 Ron Burgundy like” broadcasting prowess.


Stay Classy!


bloopers are fun!



As much as I loved Anchorman, now that I’m living in the SD area… IT’s GO TIME


it’s gonna get stinky!




Great ODIN’S Raven!


And people say America cinema is in decline … bah!



There was an open casting call on the 11th for movie extras. I should have posted it here, but I forgot!

They should have started filming by now, here in SD.

Saw the trailer at Trek and classied all over myself! LOVE that film!

Looks like there’ll be an all day shoot at Seaworld this Friday, May 24th.


I may have, nay, definitely did just squee myself. Time for a rewatch!


Don’t Stop Believin’ …




AM2 is one of the biggest disappointments for a sequel I can ever recall seeing on the big screen. AM1 was silly, and sophomoric but it held together based on a cohesive, simple story line that was made funny by the characters.