so im in on the craaap joke but what’s the alpacas reference to?


I could say a little bit but I leave the bulk of explanation to the GWC Crew. They can perhaps explain better. All I can say is that my name in this place is literal and I do indeed herd alpacas when required.

Why was this picked? I had started reading the tales by Simon Travaglia of the BOFH and his assistant “The Pimply-Faced Youth”. Mr. Travaglia’s view of the IT world tracks very well in his stories with how Saul Tigh views life in BSG’s realm. The formatting for a name online hit me as a neat idea and I went with it.

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If I remember correctly, we were commenting in a podcast about The Alpaca Herder’s name, during which it came out that Sean once worked on an emu ranch – which, among other things, kept alpacas. At any rate, at one point in the discussion Sean said, “I like alpacas.” (He does, by the way. Ask him for details.)

Later, Pike sent in a sweet “previously on GWC” audio file made of clips from other 'casts. It ended with Sean’s “I like alpacas,” and ever since then it’s sort of been a standing (inside) joke around here.

If Pike can’t remember which podcast it was, I’ll run back and listen when I get a chance to figure it out.


Wasn’t some where around Podcast 50 that the comment was made or when the “I like alpaca’s” previously on?


Perhaps, but the original comment goes waaaaaaay back. Doesn’t Alpaca Herder have an alpaca named Starbuck?


Yes I think you are right there was mention of Alpacas earlier, but was it actually in the podcast or was it on the blog (my memory is not that good.

I am pretty sure the “I love alpaca’s” was some where around 50.


thanks! how bout a craaaap hoodie??


I backed up the first 50 GWC’s (to free HD space) but the ‘previouslies’ were used in ep. 53 and 57. I’m 85% sure that the quote is from 50.


They’ve mentioned Alpacas on the show? I had never noticed.


I read that and did a double-take. Then your sig loaded. LMAO


Ya know, AOBA (Alpaca Owners & Breeders Association) could get a whole lotta great publicity if they bought ads on Sci-Fi at the time of BSG. Of course, if the “Earth” found was populated by alpacas rather than humans…I would first wonder if we were being watched at the 'cooler.


Today a man brought my boss two hand-made tapestries made from alpaca wool and all I could do was snicker inappropriately. And wish that I had an alpaca-wool tapestry of the Galactica logo.

There’s also a small but convincing movement which says that if you give up your ultra-modern life and buy a few alpacas that you will find inner peace and serenity. I tend to believe them, but I am too attached to my craziness to try it out.


Alpaca Herder, I wonder if the AOBA has t-shirts or products of their own, like animal groups that sell the shirts and donate profits to support the animals themselves? Just curious. I like alpacas. :wink:


… but I’d be happy with a plain GWC logo T-shirt.


Llamas are my favorite animal… one more reason why GWC is the best place of life.


Question is, is the term outdated? or out lived?
I guess Winamp still uses a lama but that is part of their logo.
But then there is some people who do not like being refereed to as dog so I would think lama might be a step in the wrong direction just on the fact that people get more upset on the fact of a dog dying than a lama in movies. (like the run on sentence?)
If I am not mistaken, the emperor got change into one also.
So not sure where to stand.


Best underrated Disney movie ever.


This! We need to frak it sometime. I love that movie.


Yep, with the added twist that afterwards forum folks were labeled “Alpaca” because they are our friends and we like them.

And yes I do like the real four legged animals as well. In general, they are kind, gentle and calming to be around.


Not to mention that cleaning up after them is AWESOME. :smiley: