Alpaca Title?

i am confused !!!

[SIZE=“4”]Altair IV Altair IV is online now[/SIZE]

when i look at my name on the GWC Forums it has in nice friendly large font. See “Altair IV” above. But then below it it has “Alpaca”.

i enjoy Alpaca’s comments a lot, but I didn’t know we were related.

what gives? I don’t understand. It does not compute.

Altair, that’s just part of the BBS software. It’s supposed to be a ranking system (post so many times, advance a rank) or moderator identification. Here, everyone is just an “alpaca” (or GWC crew.)

That’s all there is to it.

Awhile back the idea of ranking was discussed, Altaire, and those participating deemed it beneficial for all to remain “Alpacas”, large furry hooved quadrupeds, rather than say, Major, Colonel, Scullery Maid, etc.
Why ?
Because, that’s why.:smiley:

Thanks for the information

The answer is an interesting mix of the technological and the anthropological (or was that alpacalogical?) , just like Galacticawatercooler and BSG itself.

lol, hey Altair.

Yes’um, they are correct. The way we look at it, we dig everyone here. We hate having anyone feel like they have to post more to “rise in the ranks” so to speak. So the way we look at it, if your here your an Alpaca just like the rest of us welcome and valued.

So post as often or seldom as you like. We’re all homies here!

So say we all!

Can we maybe be Larry someday?

How about custom user titles? Keeps everyone happy with no rush to build post count.

I just noticed our titles have changed. Is this permanent or will we be Alpaca’s again sometime soon? Not that Im upset at the change, the new ones are pretty funny.

The titles change once a year around this date…

Ahh, of course. Oh well, guess Ill just have to enjoy my ‘Shark with frickin’ “laser”’ while it lasts.

Have no fear, Juan is here! He will defend the Alpaca title until this day of foolishness has passed. :wink:

There can be only Juan…


Some bits on the titles list make one wonder…

“Hung Like a Bear” Really? And what the frak does that mean?

Well, have you ever been camping in bear territory? Essentially you have to hide all your food and food-like items in order to make sure the hungry bear community doesn’t tear through your tent/other gear like a tornado seeking the one candy bar you left around. So most people hang their stuff high from a tree branch or the like.

Every so often a bear will get really, really hungry and will actually climb the tree and skinny out on a branch to get at the grub. Most of the time the branch breaks first, dumping both bear and food into a furiously-rummaging-and-eating pile on the ground below. But every so often – especially if you pick a really sturdy branch – the bear makes it all the way out only to tumble off and get tangled up in the cord mid-fall. Sadly, this generally means the bear ends up hung like a bread thief in '60s Turkey.

Hence, “hung like a bear.”

Is it showing that I deal with far too many teenagers who seem to have taken up permanent residency in The Gutter? Thank you Chuck.

I liked Chuck’s explanation but I seriously doubt anyone was actually thinking about bears in trees. :wink:

Chuck’s explanation is obviously tongue in cheek. The true explanation per Wikipedia is far more in depth:

I hadn’t realized that bears played a pivotal role in the French Revolution in being the personification of the slumbering giant that was the feudal class. When the Bastille was attacked many of the peasants dressed up as bears to rally others which proved to be an incredibly successful tactic. Sadly, being dressed as a bear also made you a target by the French government and being put to death was the price one paid for standing up for freedom. As the guillotine was not in widespread use yet those brave souls in the revolution were typical executed by the Hangman’s knot and were from that point forward refered to as being:

Hung like a bear

I’m really very impressed with the depth of information provided here.

One might also remember the story of that Famous Mandarin surfer. Hung Li Chou. Chou was mostly known as one of the first person from China to compete in prefessional surfing at the international level. Some say he opened up the sport to the eastern world, but I reject that notion because you need to include Austrailia in that statment.
But I digress …
Hung Chou was known for wearing a distinctive pair of red swim trunks with a bear insignia on them. As a result, a famous expression arose in China …but it doesn’t translate perfectly:

Hung Like a Bear.