All things Gundam new and old.

So this is a little thread for us to talk about Gundam. All the shows, books and manga in depth as much as we want. I’m interested in which gundam show was your first and if you have seen any of the other shows. :smiley:

I saw the original series when I was six, and lived in Nagasaki for a year.

It completely blew my mind. Something about the sacrifice which is so important in japanese drama just stuck with me. And of course the awesome looking mobile suits beationg each other up.

I’ve rewatched it as an adult, and still find it enjoyable. I haven’t seen all the other series, but especially 00 did a good job I think.

However I’m not really digging the whole newtype theme which seems important to the later shows. I liked it better when it was more about the mechs and the normal humans.

I’m still looking for a great Gundam shirt. (Know of any good online stores?)

The first Gundam series I caught was Gundam Wing when it was on Toonami on Cartoon network, but it took til I got to college and ordered the DVDs before I was really able to watch and follow the series. I was actually thinking the other night that I’m probably due for a re-watch of that one. I plan on getting around to the original series one day or another.