Airdate for Remaining Caprica Episodes on Syfy

Witholding the final five episodes until January not enough of an insult? Syfy now plans to air the five final episodes on one night in January. Keep your schedules open from 6pm to 11pm on Tuesday, January 4th, and you might want to invest in a couch that will massage our sorrybarbs while we sit there for that long.

still picking my jaw off the floor

so…let’s see

…they cancel the show with eps still to be viewed
…what eps they didn’t show are pushed off for two months
…and those episodes are going to air in one night

every time I think…this is the stupiest thing Syfy has ever done…they keep proving me wrong by upping the ante…unbelieveable :mad:

Crap, I had planned to turn off the power to my electronics while I visit family over the holidays too…

oh… SyFy… how low hast thou sink’st to…

Just saw the commercial during No Ordinary Family. V returns the same night.

(shakes head in disbelief)

Douches. :smiley: Seriously, it’s fine that they cancel it (well, it’s not ‘fine’, but I can understand at least the logic of canceling a commerically nonviable show as a business decision), but it’s like SyFy has to stomp on it even after it’s dead. It’s almost like some kind of personal vendetta against the show, and I have to think decisions like delaying, then scheduling the unaired eps all in one night would at least annoy, if not outright piss off, many of the creators (and writers, and producers, and directors and actors…) of the show, and why would they want to do that given SyFy would logically want to work with them again in the future?

Perhaps my dream of RDM and Eick creating a show for AMC isn’t a pipe dream. I can’t imagine either of them wanting to work with SyFy - at least, not that soon after this debacle. (And we all know what happened with Virtualtiy on a network channel.) I know sci fi shows cost more to make, but The Walking Dead is doing well, so maybe it’s not an impossible stretch.

On the upside, those five hours will probably blow one’s mind in one sitting. I’ve watched four of them (sigh, only one more?), and they all had been frakkin’ incredible - when the show gets its rhythm, it is a great show to watch.

(Which of course, makes it all the worse to know that it’s canceled. WHY? :frowning: )

It really is adding insult to injury to air “new” content like that as if were some kind of old rerun.

I probably should be vindictive and not buy the DVD----but, too late. I pre-ordered it and will get it on Dec 21. Hey,what can I say. I’m a Caprica superfan.

LOL. Technically I could be vindictive since I haven’t preordered it yet and am still enjoying the show via Canada’s SPACE (Thanks, Canada! You rock!), but I highly doubt that would actually happen. :smiley: I’m a sucker for commentaries.

I probably can’t say I’m a ‘superfan’ of the show, since I’ve had my share of criticism about the show in the Caprica thread, but I’ve also always said that this show wrinkles my brain more than any other show does on air (well, DID - SIGH!), which is why it inspires so much analysing and critique to begin with. (For example, I could choose to say something critical of say, House, but I don’t bother. It’s not worth the time to discuss - or even the time to watch - whereas Caprica is worth every word and more I’ve discussed. And that is what makes a show great, flaws and all.) So this cancellation had been a really tough one to swallow - I’m still chewing on it now.

That’s an interesting comparison. House and Caprica.

I like the show House— I don’t watch it religiously, and I doubt I’d take the time to watch it if my wife didn’t watch it. It’s a good show, well done and well acted. It’s a show that honors science and intelligence, and that’s all good. But there’s not much to say about it. There’s nothing risky or groudbreaking about it. Medical shows have a proven acceptance. La de da.

Caprica on the other hand, like Dollhouse, really challenges the mind about the present and our future and technology–the important issues of our time. As much of fan as I am, even I don’t know what going on sometimes. But it has that quality that I absolutely love. It takes you to a whole other world with its own rules, culture and quirks.

Now that the dust has settled, yeah, I confess the show had flaws and I don’t have any trouble understanding with the “why” of it being canceled,

But, Caprica I’ll miss you. I LOVED YOU, WHY DID YOU LEAVE ME!!! :o (sorry I get carried away sometimes.)

:smiley: I wasn’t trying to put down House or anything (though it has been a while since I’ve watched the show. It is a solid show, if a bit stale after the first few seasons) so I’m glad you got what I was saying. There’s nothing wrong with procedual shows, especially one that is smart and well written and acted, but if the tv landscape is only made up of shows like House, then that would majorly suck. In a way, that is why it is so frustrating to see a cable channel like SciFi rebrand itself into SyFy and seems like it’s on its way to take a more commercial and less risky approach to their shows.

And this is going to sound insane, but while FOX is totally evil for axing Firefly, Dollhouse, Virtuality, and even Fringe might be, well, on the fringe after the Friday deathslot, etc, there’s a part of me that appreciates FOX for being one of the few network channels these days who at least tries (if without much success since The X Files) to keep ‘hardcore’ scifi shows with real innovation that isn’t trying to clone the success of LOST or Heroes (well, when the show was still successful) in their schedule. But anyway, I digress.

Just a warning. You will be yelling that a whole lot at the tv screen while you watch the final five.

Uggg. So utterly disgusted with the SyFy channel. What the Frak else are they going to be showing on a fraking Tuesday in January. There is absolutly no fraking reason to show it this way. What the Frak did audiences ever do to them? Is their faith in the show so bad that they think what they show on a normal night is worse then Caprica?

To continue our analogy from earlier, 5 episodes of an 18 episode season is about 27% of it. Thats right, the final 27% of this series is airing one tuesday night in January, starting at 6:00 PM.

I’m wirting it all out again out of hate:

Spring 2009 - Pilot DVD
Jan. - March 2010 - Episodes 1-9, or 50% of the show.
October 2010 - Episodes 10-13, or 22% of the show.
Jan. 4, 2011 - The final 5 episodes, or 27% of the show.

So Much Hate…

Why not just put it on a Saturday nights at like 7:00? Its not like they ever have anything worth watching on the weekends, so they don’t have to move anything out. Nobody would even notice.:mad: