advice for music

I’m trying to incorporate music to a novel, I have story point where the lyrics of a song are important, do you simply write the lyrics out as the scene takes place cause its a little inelligant is there an easier way to integrate the two.

i am NOT an expert. but here is my 2 cents.

you already know how the scene goes.
therefore you already know the “feeling” of the song you wish to write.
so you already have the basis of a tune in your head… Explore that tune…
build the tune into a melody line, then come the lyrics…

But to answer your question…No. there is not an easier way.
so, do it because it’s hard…

keep us posted.

You could maybe use some of the lyrics as an epigraph at the beginning of a chapter or section? I’m rereading the Dark Tower and Stephen King sometimes has people remembering snatches of lyrics (“Hey, Jude” is most evident in “The Gunslinger,” though he’s done it a few times with poetry, book quotes, other songs, etc. in his other works) and quoting bits. It tends to read as pretty organic. I’m not such a fan of how it was done in the Sergei Lukyanenko Watch series, where the songs the main character listens to are quoted in fairly large chunks and it breaks up the flow pretty significantly. But that’s all just my tastes. Good luck figuring it out!

I like when they do it with italicizes text between paragraphs