About The Event

Last year as BSG drew to a close, we wanted to meet all the people who’d shared the ride with us. So we laid the groundwork and scheduled the first GWC national meetup.

What happened next simply blew us away. Eighty-four people attended the Friday night BSG finale group watch and podcast, and over thirty stuck around for the entire weekend where they partied, explored Dallas with Audra, partied, attended a fancy dinner with friends, partied, played Mass Effect with Sean, and (oh yeah) partied.

It was a weekend we’ll never forget.

But while last year celebrated endings and the end of BSG and the end of the original podcast, this year celebrates beginnings.

As BSG material dried up, GWC – both the podcast and community – expanded into other areas of sci-fi, fantasy, and general geekdom. And we all made an awesome discovery: there’s something incredibly special about having a huge group of friends to introduce one to new material – and new ways to enjoy the old. Where in the past we were lucky to have a couple of local friends to share their interests and loves with us, we now have dozens – even hundreds!

This year’s meetup celebrates that wonderful beginning. It celebrates new friends made this year and new friends we’ll make at the meetup. It celebrates the wonderful new stories we’ve come to enjoy this year. And above all it celebrates the birth and growth of the GWC community.

This event is different than any convention you’ve attended. It’s not about stars and Q&A sessions and panels. It’s not about selling you stuff. The stars here are you. Everyone who attends came to Texas to see you, and you them.

In short: It’s a three-day-long geek party. And you’re invited.

The dates are official, btw. Check back later today for hotel information.

UPDATE: Hotel information is now posted. Look for event specifics shortly.

That about sums it up. Last year, I had to keep explaining to my friends back home that I wasn’t going to a convention–I was going to Texas to see some friends. Like, several dozen friends. Can’t wait to do it again.

Last year I was so envious of all the GWCers who attended the Meetup.
This year I’ll miss it again due to a trip to Japan planned a year ago.

I’m aiming for 2011. Think you’ll still be doing them? :slight_smile: