a big thank you from a sorta noob.....

I haven’t been on here long, and like I told most of you guys…meeting people on the internet is nothing new to me (as I mentioned when I told my family I was going away, they all asked “aw crap…who is she and how far away from home is this one??” and when I said no no no it’s a message board meet-up they all went…THANK GOD!!!), and I’ve posted in a bunch of other places…CCG’s, Cowboys football, Devils hockey, you name it I know a forum for it…but then I went to Dallas last week…and y’all did a wonderful and amazing job of embracing and bringing in someone in who had NO idea what to expect, and got more out of those five days then I could ever have expected!!! I really, truly can’t wait to meet up with you guys again (be it an NYC or upstate thing, next year…or even if anyone’s going to Gen Con)…it was awesome and you guys welcome someone new in like I never expected and I just wanted to give a true warm heartfelt THANK YOU to you ALL!!!

(now I’m gonna go drop dead from my 4th hockey game in 3 nights :p)

Hugs! Hope to see you again soon.

Welcome to the family :slight_smile:

Thanks again!!! :slight_smile:

(and damn you guys I had to add Archer to my Netflix queue, everytime I log into a computer for work I wanna try password: ‘guest’ just to see!!!)

Glad you had a great time Scott, that’s how I felt last year at the meet up. So welcomed. This year it was great just coming into the Lobby and getting a big hug from Nike!

Same from me. Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming.

I know I probably didn’t get as much out of the meetup as I could have. I’m just so used to being alone (except for work and scouts) that being in a crowd, especially such a big one, is a bit difficult.

You’re the Raw Deal player right??? You need to see what we’ve done with that game too :cool: