9/2013: Kim Stanley Robinson, "2312"

I’m very pleased to announce that the Book Club selection for September and October is 2312 by Kim Stanley Robinson!

Here they were, on the only planetary surface on which you could walk freely, naked to the wind and the sun, and when they had a choice, they sat in boxes and stared at littler boxes, just as if they had no choice-as if they were in a space station


Thanks Cas - The September - October Book has been added to the GWC Goodreads page HERE. Happy Reading everyone!

I’m about a third done. Definately going to require at least 1 more read.

And I’m picking it up from the library tomorrow… whereas I just got the Weber selection from July/August finally earlier this week, right as school was starting… it may be a bit until I get to it :frowning:

I enjoyed it well enough but it didn’t wow me (which for some reasons I was expecting it to). I kept comparing it to the post-human solar system Rajaniemi’s made, and I find the ideas in Rajaniemi’s more interesting to think about. That said, I like 2312’s characters, the fragmentary history bits, the way gender is portrayed, etc. I found the way the solar system developed was interesting but I somehow felt like it didn’t quite fit together.