#85: Late September


A much belated episode of Modern Geek! Chuck and Juan talk about the new iPhone(s), discover that RaspyFi has duplicated their MPD/Raspberry Pi music server setup, and discuss DIY hardware and its role in outside-the-box innovation.

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Good to hear from you guys again.


Hey guys! Nice to hear you back on the air. I’ve only listened to the first portion of the cast so far but I had an additional thought regarding iOS devices and memory. How long you actually KEEP the device is also a parameter to consider. For instance, I still use my 120 GB iPod Classic to take into work. I use my 8 GB 3rd generation iPod Nano on an armband as I excercise in the gym so I can log in my exercises with my iPhone without having to worry about tangled earphone cords (of course bluetooth wireless earbuds could also help this specific use case with the iPhone, but I don’t have any and they are expensive!). I do use my iPhone 4S to log in aerobic exercise with the combined accelerometers and GPS capability. And as I progress to another phone I know I will continue to utilize the 4S exercise capabilities soas not to bring my new tech into harms way. Based on already existing experience I have with using my original Motorola Droid in the same fashion I know that the onboard memory limitations do come into play the longer you use the device. So a factor I always take into consideration is how much memory I can either purchase up front or expand the device with. Unfortuantely to date iOS devices do not have a memory expansion capability so buying the maximum amount of memory will allow the longest use case possible. I KNOW there are additional device limitations (iOS device support, battery use, normal wear and tear), but if you plan on using the device past it’s initial use, maximizing options such as memory can greatly lengthen the usefulness of the iOS device you purchase.

~Shooter Out


I haven’t listened to the show yet. I was so excited to see a new episode just now, I had to give you guys a shout out.
Yah !!! So glad you’re back. Missed you much.


I have an iPhone 5s on order (my phone just died), so really looking forward to the discussion.