#82: MPD, XBOX One


Juan and Chuck continue their deep dive into deploying Raspberry Pi’s for home use, this week getting a music server going using the open-source project MPD. They also take a look at the XBOX One (Juan?) announcement.

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I listened to the podcast and then went to go watch the XBox One reveal video on my XBox. I’m excited and to be honest I’m scared. I’m excited for all the new interactive and integrated capabilities. I’m scared of the very real potential of invasion of privacy. They even mentioned interactive political debates. Wow. Imagine a computer system recording and compiling your personal and aggregate national instant response to a specific politician, news story or technological innovation announcement. Your personal views will forever be compiled. Your reactions can and will betray your thoughts even if you filter yourself and say nothing about it, decline to post a Facebook status about it or Tweet about it. And by paying for your XBox Live membership you inherently give away your privacy rights. You could be rounded up just like the Jews in WWII Germany based on what is recorded - especially if corporations continue to gain legislative power through aggressive lobbying. Scary stuff indeed.

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Wow Godwin’s Law in a single post? New record


Will the new podcast rig be made entirely of Raspberry Pis? I’ll bet there a couple in there at least.