#80: Pi for All Seasons

Chuck and Juan take a look at some practical applications for the Raspberry Pi, including a low-cost print server and a unique take on a home audio solution. Also, we discuss some recent community feedback.

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This morning, I enjoyed one of those “talking to the dashboard” moments, as I concurred with having the 'net pipeline established in the geek!house before the furniture. =D

Congrats on the (ongoing) move, Juan, and thanks to both of you for getting my creative thoughts flowing on how I want to re-engineer the home media-server-to-AppleTV-units-to-a-bazillion-portable-device-platforms configuration before the summer party season takes over!



I can’t speak for other country’s PO Boxes but in the United States US Postal Service PO boxes now deliver a lot of the options that Chuck was referring to. I have a PO Box for one of the Non-Profit 501©(3) organizations that I run. Nowadays you can be notified via e-mail when a new letter or package arrives, you can use a street address so that services like Amazon will deliver direct to the PO Box versus an actual residence and you can authorize the Postal Service to sign for packages delivered from other carriers like UPS, FedEx and DHL. It works great.

Juan, using your Raspberry Pi as a printer wifi adaptor is great. But when I can buy a WiFi-N adaptor on Amazon for $34, wouldn’t that be both an easier and a cheaper solution?