#72: Cloud Printing, IE Ad Fail

We have some fun with the latest IE commercial, which seems both apologetic and nostalgic at the same time. We talk through Google’s Chrome-based cloud print system. We note the (almost unnotable) iOS 6.1 update. We wonder if the sun is setting on the universal remote. We discuss Netflix’s potential new profile system. And we wonder if a software update will help un-ground the 787 fleet.

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A potential use case I can think of for the pairable handset for your smartphone is going out and about. Where I keep my phone at work and where I keep it on a day out to London are very different. Problem is, hard-to-steal also means trickier to use. But a handset you can keep on your belt or in an accessible pocket whilst your main smartphone is in a deep pocket or the bottom of a bag sounds like a really good idea. You can keep the “phone” part really easy to access whilst still making it very hard for someone else to nick the main device. Especially if you keep a lot of key data on it.

(via Tapatalk on iPad)