7 years of College down the drain!

Hmm … listening to the “high school movie” arc from a while back … perhaps a variant might be for college flicks … not really scifi, but cool.

Some like Animal House, Real Genius and Revenge of the Nerds are cultural touch stones for geekdom.

here a list of usual suspects in this genre o’ film found on “The Google”.


  1. Good Will Hunting

  2. Rudy

  3. The Paper Chase

  4. Drumline

  5. Breaking Away

  6. We Are Marshall

  7. Wonder Boys

  8. School Daze

  9. The Rules of Attraction


  1. National Lampoon’s Animal House

  2. Revenge of the Nerds

  3. Accepted

  4. Slackers

  5. National Lampoon’s Van Wilder

  6. Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

  7. Real Genius

  8. PCU

  9. Old School

  10. Legally Blonde

  11. Dead Man on Campus