#69: The Nexus 7

We finally get to spend some quality time with the Nexus 7, Google’s premier 7″ tablet. In short: We’re fans.

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I’m strongly considering getting one of the nexus tablets myself. I was more drawn towards the 10 than the 7, because I can think of a few uses where the bigger screen would be of value. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to play with either of them. Actually my first priority is a new android phone, I’m almost certain that I want to get the Nexus 4, google are selling them direct at a very good price. If only they would get them back in stock.

No use to me as for the apps I use with an iPad (Capture One Pilot for instance) or Adobe’s image apps are not available for Android and things like Capture One Pilot really do need a Retina display. Otherwise yet another 'cast about iOs/Android/Phone stuff.

Juan you do know there is other technology out there right? I mean when I once asked you why not cover other technology you replied “like what”, as if there isn’t any other. I really do hope the statement Chuck made at the end of this cast happens and we have other technology finally covered. Otherwise this cast is really starting to become a monotonous drone about telecom tech

On the other hand, it’s not fair to 'cast on technology unless you own it, use it, and know it well.

Chuck is a gearhead, he could discuss new automotive technologies
Chuck is a pilot, he could discuss new aviation technology

Also how about different options in say office packages (OpenOffice vs Microsoft Office) or photo software (GIMP vs Photoshop) or ad infinitum

Updates on the latest printing technology?

The point is when the cast started they did cover these, but for the last 30 or so casts all it seems to be is a continuous monotonous droning on of telecom/iOs/Android stuff and what seems like from Juan when I asked him about it an unwillingness to cover anything but that, as if that is the only thing geeks would be interested in.