#56: Phones for Fitness, Listener Mail

Getting into walking, running, or riding for fitness? Have a smartphone? We share some paths to connect the two, turning the gear you already own into a GPS-enabled recording device for automatically tracking your efforts and plugging into online communities for encouragement. We also delve into the world of ANT+ wireless sensors, which (with the right gear) allow your phone to track additional data such as run/ride cadence and heart rate. Finally, we air and respond to some awesome listener mail.

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Great info about geek-friendly workout apps. I would like to add that many Sony Xperia phones have an ANT+ receiver built into them which most workout apps support if it’s present (and you have the sensors). One such phone is the new Acro S which is also water resistant.

I hope you guys are actually going to do some Photokina coverage. Lots of tech there! And it happens only once every two years you know…

I posted this over on the cast #55 thread but it applicable here too so I’ll post a link to it: