#52: Shared Task Lists, Mountain Lion Update Experiences

Juan shares his early Mountain Lion upgrade experiences with no major issues in the first day or so of regular use. And Chuck walks us through a hard-to-find, unadvertised feature of the built-in Reminders application in OS 5.x — shared task lists! Perfect for household grocery lists and to-dos, Reminders features push-updates as well as heavy SIRI integration (as in “Add milk to my grocery list”).

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Thanks for the iOS Shared Lists Info Chuck! I had inconvienently placed my Reminders app icon about 4 screens to the right and had to embarrasingly search for hours to locate it. I have now placed it on my home screen and will be using the crap out of it.

~Shooter Out

Speaking of Mountain Lion update experiences, I’m finally going to get around to nuking the Mac Pro soon and completing a fresh install of ML on it. After doing a basic app analysis, I’m pretty sure there’s more cruft than useful stuff here. Sad to see an 8-core Xeon based machine drug to its knees. :confused: