#47: Colin Ferguson Interview


Colin Ferguson joins us for an upbeat and thought-provoking discussion about Life, Eureka, and Everything. We enjoy discussion of Ferguson’s days as a standup comic and improv artist, the importance of listening skills and supporting fellow players, and confirmation that one can, indeed, make it as an actor while still being a Nice Guy. We get to hear about fun and collaboration behind the scenes of Eureka,how friendships forged on theset have turned into lasting bonds, and*Ferguson’s sheer delight in playing Evil Matrix Carter. We engage in philosophical discussion about the show’s stance on human character versus hyper-intelligence. And we get Ferguson’s take on the geek-web media movement, learn what it’s like picking up the pieces when a TableTop game goes awry,and learn thetruth behind CF’s apparent mad crochet skillz on Felicia Day’s Flog.

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Awesome interview guys, I really enjoyed it and thanks a million to Colin Ferguson for taking the time.

He talked about Thomas Jaynes Punisher short briefly, I thought i’d link it. Its as great as he said.



saw this come through on “The Twitta” …

Ferguson will play William, a handsome mysterious stranger ….

We tried ( really tried ) to get into Haven.

Now that Sheriff Carter’s in town, I’m sure my wife will want to spool them up and give it another chance :slight_smile: