#45: Taste Change


In this episode, we take a look at how one’s food tastes may change over time.

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I can not say how much my tastes have changed over the last year and a half. It is stunning when I look back, but never really noticed it day by day.

The biggest shock was when I tried to drink soda. Erg.


I know what you mean, I haven’t had a soda for over 8 weeks. Which is pretty good considering I used to have 1-2 a day. In fact, there is an unopened 20oz bottle in my frig that I had saved to drink, but I have no desire to drink it. I used to eat gummy bears every day, but my snack of choice now are grape tomatoes.


I thought “no, it is probably just that I got used to the foods.” Last night, I went to Cracker Barrel and had pancakes and biscuits. This morning, I felt like I had been punched in the guts. They were very tasty, but now not worth it. “Fat me” is arguing. Don’t listen to him though. I always promise him pasta during our workouts, then make him eat a salad when he is all tired.

-Smileys in this post were probably supposed to be punctuation.