4.05 Internment

from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internment_(The_Walking_Dead)

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) arrives back at the prison and meets Maggie (Lauren Cohan) who is busy clearing walkers from the fence. After Rick asks about Carl, Maggie questions him on Carol’s whereabouts. After he avoids it with another question, she demands him to tell her. He tells her what happened to Carol, asking whether or not she’d do the same. After hesitance, Maggie agrees, but insists she wouldn’t be able to actually commit to it. Rick tells her to follow her instincts before leaving. Rick heads to the administration building, where he gives a bag of food to Carl (Chandler Riggs).

Inside A Block, things get worse when a few more members get sick. A survivor cannot breathe and Hershel (Scott Wilson) is forced tointubate him so they can perform mechanical ventilation. Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) take shifts bagging the patient, beginning with Sasha. Glenn and Hershel find an infected man dead with blood covering his face from his nose and mouth. Glenn attempts to kill him when Hershel warns him of not doing it in front of everyone. When they get him out of the Cell, Hershel is unable to put him down and Glenn does so. Later, Maggie comes to visit Glenn through the window, but Hershel tells her that Glenn is resting and tells her to stay out. When Hershel starts closing everyone’s cell doors, a man storms out of his cell suffocating from the blood in his lungs. An extremely weak Sasha helps Hershel put him on a bed with wheels before she gets too weak to help him. He warns her to return to her cell and he brings the body into the room with the window. He fails to put the man down and has to cover his face before he can do it. Rick witnesses Hershel stab the man in the face and tells him of Carol.

When Hershel returns to the Cell Block, he continues closing cell doors. However, upon seeing a collapsed Sasha, he runs to her, leaving a cell with a female walker open. Hershel notices that Sasha is passed out due to dehydration, and he revives her. She tells him of how she used to calculate everything to live as long as possible and that she is thankful for his “stupid” behaviour. He then starts to close more cell doors when he spots a father and passed out son in the same cell. The father (Jan Harrelson) warns him that he wants to stay by his son’s side and locks the cell door. Soon after, the man Glenn was bagging dies and when he attempts to call out for help, he starts choking on his own blood and passes out. Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) finds him as the man starts to reanimate. Lizzie calls for help, which gets the attention of the female walker behind Hershel. The female walker jumps on Hershel and pins him to the ground. The father leaves his cell with a gun and his reanimated son follows him. A blonde woman (Erin Hunter) comes to his rescue and pulls the walker off of Hershel, potentially saving his life. However, the father’s son attacks his father from behind, to which he accidentally fires a gunshot that kills the woman. The gunshot echoes through the prison to Maggie and Rick who are fortifying the fence. Rick warns her to go help the people in Cell Block A.

Meanwhile, Lizzie leads the walker away from Glenn as Maggie arrives and attempts to open the door without success. Hershel gets up and runs toward Lizzie, who gets pinned by a walker. He manages to throw the walker off of the catwalk. He sticks Lizzie in Luke (Luke Donaldson)'s cell and he goes to get the shotgun from Dr. Caleb Subramanian (Sunkrish Bala), however he has already turned. Caleb grabs Hershel as the female walker starts to move up the stairs. With sadness, Hershel breaks one of Caleb’s arms and kills him. He proceeds to kill three walkers after leading them out of the children’s sight. He realizes he needs the ambu bag and climbs onto the metal fence that the walker from before landed. He ends up getting pinned. Maggie heads to the visitors room and smashes a window to get into A Block. She kills the reanimated father and the walker that pinned Hershel and the two head to help Glenn who has stopped breathing.

Outside, the fence gives way and a horde of walkers get in. Rick and Carl run into the courtyard, where they get assault rifles and gun down the many walkers. Right after they finish, the van with Daryl (Norman Reedus), Michonne (Danai Gurira), Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) and Bob (Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.) arrives. Daryl and Michonne run out of the van to go help, while Bob and Tyreese head to A Block. Tyreese goes and cradles his sister in his arms, while Bob goes to administer drugs to Glenn. Outside, The Governor (David Morrissey) is seen looking at the prison from a distance.