3D Printing

So for a few months I’ve been trying to find time to get to use the local library’s 3D printers. I took a very basic class on how to use the tinkercad system and get stuff from thingiverse. So after a while I got to play around, printed out a marine bike (the rider didn’t work out) and then moved on to try a little costume piece (I have a rosarius now in case I can put a cosplay together) and decided I want to try fielding a Leman Russ Annihilator so I checked to see if maybe anyone had designed one (they hadn’t) but someone did have a blank turret under a creative commons license that I could modify. I then found a “not a dreadnought” lascannon assembly that was easily rescaled to fit it, then a few other odds and ends and I had a workable, printable in under 3 hours, turret (just add Russ body). Just needed a little sanding, then primed and painted (note: I am not a pro painter, not the greatest, etc)