#37: Body Type Myths and Device Updates


We discuss the myths and realities of “body types.” And we update you on our most recent experiences with fitness data collection devices, including the new Bodymedia Core activity tracker and Runkeeper.

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I would like to mention MyFitnessPal. I am sure there is a reason that you guys didn’t bring it up, but it is a very handy app/website. It has a lot of foods available for search and you can customize the metric categories fairly easily. I was even able to create a blood pressure measurement. It synchs with Android and Windows very easily. Most importantly to me, it is Free.


I would also like to second pal. I’ve been using it since last summer and it is very similar to what I used to do on mynetdiary however it is free.


Entercustomernamehere and Shooter,

I will confirm that “Pal” is a great app and I do have clients that use it as well and I am glad that it is working well for both of you. If we left out MyFitnessPal it is simply because there are many great apps out there and we just did not mention them all. Thank you for posting this as others may be looking at apps to use and this gives them another option.

Have a very happy new year. :slight_smile:


I tried out Pal and didn’t have really good luck with it, though it seems lots of other people are happy with it. Personally I got frustrated quickly with the inability to easily set up entire meals and the way it requires so many clicks to enter a food item. But definitely, whatever works to get the food logged every single day!

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I really like LiveStrong’s MyPlate. You can make recipes at the website.


I can see the struggles in adding meals. I am not very good at estimating calories, so having the large database probably helps me more than others. I also do not regularly eat the same things, so I don’t really have a need for repeatable “meals”. (There is also a distinct lack of recipes). For me, the easy synch between the droid and pc made the site most benficial to me. Since I had not done ANY calorie counting for (picking a number at random) almost four decades, the ease of use was crucial to me. I looked at some of the other apps you guys mentioned but I didn’t find one that seemed a lot better (read “better enough to make my lazy self fill in new data and get used to a new interface”) . I am glad there are a lot of options out there.


So I have just taken delivery of a Misfit Shine.


I wanted something that was small, unobtrusive, waterproof (and could track swimming activities) and with a manageable interface. It’s a sexy little device and the construction appears to be rock solid.

Syncing with my iphone 5 was a snap, and the data display on iphone seems to work well. So far, the shine seems to work as advertised. Two taps shows your progress with a series of dots around the circumference, and then the time displays (if you have that option selected through the ios interface.

Will keep you posted: battery life could be an issue but will have to monitor that.