#359: The Next Generation of Old


We briefly revisit Star Trek: Generations, finally appreciating its place in the Trek canon and wondering why we had overlooked the significance of Picard’s family — and loss of family — for so long. We take calls that touch on the power of pink, the time-travel potential of the airplane laser, and the less-than-sexy reality of naval sonar operations. And we run down the Week in Geek, dig on the upcoming Summer Glau comedy-horror Knights of Badassdom; wonder if Lincoln’s Twitter-themed Super Bowl ad*(complete with Alpacas!) means we’re now officially old enough to be in their target market; discuss Wonder Woman’s declining role from Amazon warrior to Superman’s “current lover”; and are impressed that the new Barbarella TV series will be written by… wait for it…the guys who wrote Casino Royale and Skyfall. With this kind of pairing, who knows what could happen? Come join the fun!

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In a rare case of Hollywood irony one of the spacemen in spacesuits during the Lincoln Superbowl ad was played by my Air Force Academy classmate and Air Force Officer Brice Williams. So technically he really was a space cadet.

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Haven’t listen to the podcast yet, since it is downloading at the moment. Odds are it will be finished by the time I head to bed. Thought I comment here before I get lost in the suffle of others is all. Hasn’t Knights of Badassdom been lamenting in post production for over a year? I remember first hearing about it threw The Devil’s panties 2 or 3 years ago. Can someone please explain me how Wonder Woman being with Superman is news. When Justice League was on the air Batman was always denying her, while Superman was always there for Wonder Woman. Figured this happen YEARS ago.


My recipe for a much better Star Trek Generations:

  1. When Kirk and Picard meet, Kirk actually lets Picard speak.
  2. When Kirk and Picard go back to stop Soran, they do successfully stop him just in the nick of time after a long fight, and Kirk survives. Then him and Picard have one last conversation where Kirk tells Picard to stay in command of a starship, because out there, you can make a difference. Picard gives Kirk a shuttle and he leaves, and that is the last we ever see or hear from Kirk again.
  3. Instead of a shitty old Bird of Prey, the Duras Sisters actually have a powerful ship, so there is a least a little more justification for the “one lucky shot” that destroys the Enterprise. Also, lets not reuse a shot from The Undiscovered Country when the main enemy ship blows up in the climax of the movie.

Overall, I do like the movie, just had a few things that were pretty disappointing in retrospect.


Vin Diesel in Kojak reboot … TOTAL AWESOME!!

After Ron Burgundy 2 … possibly best movie idea in past 5 years … imho.


Telly was a +1000 bad-mo-fo!!



They actually addressed Kevin Smith’s comments about Superman in Smallville (about the first half of this clip)



Dude, that was the exact movie and clip that ran through my head when I was talking about Telly! That and when he’s talking to the Hustler.


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