#358: Living in the Future


We jump straight into the buzz now that it’s confirmed: J.J. Abrams will direct Star Wars: Episode VII, due in theaters in 2015 and starring much of the original crew. We walk through what the project might look like, speculate which EU areas the film will cover, hope for strong female characters, and anticipate a savvy, layered movie that both adults and kids can appreciate. We talk exciting Trek news with the release of the four-issue comic series Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness, which covers events leading up to*Star Trek: Into Darkness, in theaters this April, and dig deep into why comics are a more important visual and narrative medium than they are usually given credit for. And we run down the Week in Geek, marveling at technological advances including new laser turrets on combat aircraft*and scientists’ development of a rudimentary tractor beam. Seriously. Come join the geeky fun!

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If Les’s Marine friends make it to the meetup I owe each and every one of them the beverage of their choice. Semper Fi and Go Air Force!




Very excited about four-issue comic series Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness. Read the first one that released last week. Such a cool way to lead up to a movie.

And over the past couple years there’s been the Star Trek: Ongoing comic series, where the Pine/Quinto crew go through some of the same adventures from TOS. The Galileo 7, Where No Man Has Gone Before, Return of the Archons etc… each one SLIGHTLY different because the time line has changed.
Love it. :smiley:


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The short form of my fear (loathing) of JJ Abrams is my fear that this is a very close analogy of what will pour out the wound

… VS …

I hope that I’m wrong, but I fear that if not careful, an entire generation will be lost to the watering down of the bleeding edge … to a rusty knife.

The saddest thing, they will not even even know.


P.S. “I’m the guy who does his job, you must be the other guy” – The Departed ( Marky Mark )

I got a flight to catch


Wanted to say hi, since this podcast is the first one where I wanted to say something on. Been listening to it when I found the Bill and Ted episodes while looking for the soundtrack. Do enjoy the archs a bit more then the average episodes, though I hope that for Feburary you do an arch on Why you love, x. Simply because Bill and Ted is the reason why I love time travel. Also why I saw Back to the Future is to me what Star Wars is to others. Star Wars isn’t anything more then good movies. Back to the Future just does to me, what it Star Wars does to others. Hell I went to Universal before they got rid of the ride, and used half a roll of film just taking pictures of the Delorian.

J.J. has the problem of being safe. I take Super 8 as the best example of his work when he wanted to do something unique and personal. The movie was not. It had some neat elements. Star Trek movie I forgave for being decent, because it means new Star Trek. Even if it sucked, all it had to do is be proffitable. It took till the second movie before it gets good. Now Cumberbatch is the ONLY reason why I want to see the next Star Trek movie. Nothing else is good. Now seeing that the writer isn’t crap, I have hope. Though I don’t think the next Star Wars movie have any other purpose then justifying them to spend money on making stuff they want in this universe. So the good stuff will come later. Though Movie Bob did a much better job of saying the rest of my thoughts on the matter, more articulate then I ever could. I don’t agree with him often, but I do respect his opinion because his review of Star Trek . It is again what I thought told better then I ever could.

The Butterfly Effect is the name of the story you were talking about where they go to the past and step on butterfly to change the present. Based on a short story of the same name, and why the Aston Cutcher movie had the same title.

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Here is a link to that article Audra mentioned about the underwear (I think)… http://www.huffingtonpost.com/mobileweb/2013/01/22/buying-boys-underwear-for-my-daughter_n_2526847.html


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