#356: Alien Sex, The Tannen Law


We blast into 2013 with some nooooooos! and enjoy some classic GWC banter. And we run down the Week in Geek, including newly revealed details about Gates McFadden’s Season 2 departure from Next Gen (it had to do with sexism, despite the gender equalityBeverly insists upon toSorenof the sack-cloth); the UK’s X-rating of the original Alien (no “sss”) movie due to sexual, um, confusion, it might instill in middle-schoolers; a cool piece in the Atlantic featuring the evolution of sci-fi book covers; news that Elder Scrolls will become an MMO this year (without dragons!?!); andthe Shat’s squee-worthy Twitter exchange with Chris Hadfield of the ISS. Plus, Sean pumps the new season of Justified, we give props to a kick-ass Lego Iron Man proposal, and talk a little Voyager, including the obligatory Kazon Hair Report.

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Considering how few dates I have been on in the last few years, the fact that one of the good ones was seeing Looper tells me that it is a good date movie.


I’m currently working my way through the episode and want to comment on a few points form the news section.

Handheld Gaming
Firstly, Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition isn’t just cross-portable, it’s truly cross platform. Or at least will be. It’s currently out on Windows and iOS, with the Android and Mac versions in progress. And, apparently, cloud-syncing will be involved. Once that and the mac port are out, I’ll be getitng it. As a game I can paly at home on the “Real Computer” and on my lunch break or visiting family on the tablet is close to perfect.

I can also see dedicated handhelds, like teh DS, going away. i won’t buy another as I don’t commute enough to warrant it and there are some really good games out on iOS. The DS game “The World Ends With You” has a graphically enhanced reworked-for-single-screen version that is really good.

Alien and Censorship
Although, as a general rule, I tend to dislike censorhip and like to see things (a) at all and (b) as the creator intended, this is a more honest and thoughtful form of censorship.
As was mentioned on the 'cast, it is more “this is why we think it is inappropriate and why”, as opposed to “Three F-bombs, ten seconds of swinging junk and some side-boob” regardless of context.

Even if I disagree with a decisions, I am more likely to accept it if there is thought behind it, as opposed to “you can see bodyparts”.

Book Covers
I don’t buy physical books any more but still like covers. For one, the artwork looks good on the audiobook. For another, a good cover can help me pick something interesting out of a large list of results on a webpage.

Oddly, over the past 20 years, I have noticed a difference between the UK and US book covers. A lot of the time, the US version will depict a scene form the book and the UK version will show something representative of a key concept of have a portrait of the main character.
I don’t find either categorically better than the other, either style can be a better fit depending on the subject, but I find it quite interesting in how different countries (even two English-speaking ones) will try to market the same story.


For Chuck …

“some times a harp really is just a harp” :slight_smile:



For Sean …

there seems to be a weak spot in her armor :slight_smile:



Alias and Dragonbait, by [Censored!]




Oh just quick, “Looper” was my favorite flick for 2012 … /shrug


your mileage may vary.


P.S. Of course I might have to return to this forum in 30 years and delete this entry :slight_smile:


A couple of things on SciFi book covers. A couple of years ago (actual time of 2 years, not Sean time) I wrote a GWC blog article on my 20 favorite Enterprises. While doing research for the post I had a great conversation with the son of John Schoenherr who created many many many scifi cover art pieces. Here’s the one I specifically researched:

I had no idea about the culture, industry and history that surrounded the creation of these art pieces. I can only hope that these continue to be produced in some form since those images and the associated literature often were the direct influence on most, if not all, of our great scifi films over the last 30-35 years.

Also, a special note to Chuck: This week Shootette asked for my help in selecting a Kindle for her to purchase herself. Both of our going-in positions were to get the regular $69 Kindle. However, after several hours of research we decided to go with the Kindle Paperwhite version (wi-fi only at $119). It remains just an e-ink reader - i.e. not a tablet - but has advancements in the screen resolution and a built in reading LED function. It also has the capability to display (and does so as a default function) book covers. It’s only black and white but it is a great improvement on the original Kindle. Shootette is loving the heck out of it too.


~Shooter Out


For some reason that book cover reminded me of Renaezvous with Rama (Arthor C. Clarke) Excelient Book BTW, Albeit extremely slow…


Pff, my choices of vehicle in GTA3 were just fine.

Here’s me in my pickup truck:

Here’s me cruisin’ in my box van:

Heck, I even have a classic car (still waiting on the collector’s plates):


Also, I believe it was Soren, not Saren. Then again…


The thing with Book Covers is much the same of Movie posters. The good ones are the ones outside the norm. Hell I picked up Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy because of the smiley face with thumbs looked so odd.

Justified being one of my shows I feel like I need to give aid to why. Elmore Leonard being the star here. The writer of the short story the first two episodes or so are based on. He is also a big part of the show. His writing style being the real star here. He has been known for Get Shorty, Rum Punch(which got turned into Jackie Brown ), and Three-Ten to Yuma . He is also had many of his works turned into audiobooks. Which you can cheek out threw the sponser of the show, audible. Now the show is character base, so much of the plot comes out of these characters. Rather fascinating. The first season is personally the best, because most of the episodes are episodic for the first season.While the relationship between them is the thread threw out the season. Though I think if you are unsure, I suggest watch the first season. Even if you don’t like it, just watch to the end. If you don’t find something you like by then, the show isn’t for you. For some like my Grandma it wasn’t till that last episode before she got hooked for the next season. While my dad it was the third episode in. If anything, it is just intresting to see the Doctor from Vorger popping up as a great character.


Seriously. Tell me that’s not hot.



See (hear) the following linkage --> Kevin Smith interview with Director Rian Johnson regarding Looper.

Yes … I am recursively quoting myself :smiley:

and yes Chuck … that book cover is pure hotness.


I’m way behind on the 'casts. So sad to hear about James…he was a great guy and will be missed. James is on the right along with Steve and Julie in my photo from the 2009 meetup.


That’s an awesome pic, Gryper! Thanks for posting it.


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