#355: K-Juanzaa, Best Of 2012


In the year’s grand finale, we are joined in the studio by JUAAAAAN!! And we snub the ubiquity of the web’s year-end “Worst of…” lists, instead giving our own positive recommendations for 2012 media, including the underrated Men in Black 3, the fun popcorn flick Battleship;the brilliant TV comedy seriesParks and Recreation (NBC) and sci-fi drama*Alphas (Syfy); and two of our favorite video games of the year, Skyrim and Mass Effect 3. Plus, we run down the Week in Geek, joking about thephoto of Stan Lee with the Hulkcovering his junkthat hit the web celebrating Lee’s new status as a nonagenarian; and Sean gives the rundown on his latest gaming addiction, EA’s new action RPG,Kingdoms of Amalur, written by Forgotten Realms author R. A. Salvatore and illustrated by Spawn creator Todd McFarlane. Join the madness — now with 33% more madness!

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That was a lot of fun, enjoyed getting back into the GWC way of all things about taking a break from podcast listening over the holidays:)


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