#354: Nice Day For A White Onesie

We kick off 2012′s penultimate podcast by discussing2005 movieThe Island– wait, wut? Yes,The Island.*After seven years of GWC-style analysis and geeky discussion,returning to this flawed-but-likable movie made us realize how much the ‘cast has transformed the way we understand and appreciate art. Plus, we run down the Week in Geek, boo Blastr’s troll-baiting “Worst Movies Ever” poll which targets low-hanging fruit and popular franchises likeIndiana Jones 4 and the Twilight series; give more love to affordable fun withRifftrax; anticipate the addition of Jackie Chan to the cast of Expendables 3; and vicariously enjoy Sean’s experience with the cool-soundingstrategy gameCivilization Revolution, designed by the acclaimed Sid Meier and based on the 2008 original. Join the fun!

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Sean … you will not make reference to that 80’s song … for the love of all that is good … no.

Here is a suitable replacement


Or if your foot-ware prefers this is agreeable.


Happy 2013 :slight_smile:

Final Fantasy IV for iPhone bought and downloaded. What a great New Years Day find!

I Hope you do know that The Island is a remake of Parts The Clonus Horror


I’ve played every Civ game since the original with the exception of Revolution (I didn’t play the sequel to Call to Power, but that wasn’t a MicroProse/Firaxis product but a knock-off so it doesn’t count). Sending a colony ship to Alpha Centauri has been a victory condition in all of them and that’s always the one I try to do. It’s amazing how they recycle all these different civs from game to game - somehow they manage to tweak each one according to how each new game engine works while making them work essentially the same way.

Late to the podcast (I’m catching up) but I think these are the boots you got Sean, right?

My dad had some like that when I was growing up - my first exposure to boots I think.

Indeed they are my good homie! Love em!

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