#352: James Bond Part II: Skyfall

In this episode we continue to talk Bond, with Skyfall. And we take listener calls about all kinds of stuff!

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After reviewing the image Audra mentions … I believe I can state that I find it acceptable :slight_smile:

Of course, finding “questionable” images in Vanity Fair is like finding gambling going on in Rick’s Place in Casablanca :slight_smile:


All in all the scene Audra & Chuck tried to remember, was M being accused that the MI6 is an old relic from the cold war, where it was known who was on the good and who on the bad side. But today these lines are way more shady and the enemies of the UK not that easily identified & apprehended.

If you’re interested in Skyfall, it’s worth seeing on the big screen. And I’m not a huge Bond fan.

Strange enough, I wasn’t that impressed with the movie. Seemed very little real story thrown in around a bunch of action sequences that seemed to be trying to one up the last action shot. Things that were happening didn’t really seem to make much sense and felt contrived IMO.

On the plus side…the actor playing the villian did a fantastic job showing a crazy genius :slight_smile:

Just finished listening to #352. In regards to the caller commenting about the Adama flashbacks, I believe he was referring to the webisodes/ flashback scenes from Razor, showing young Adama at the end of the first Cylon war coming across the old style Centurions and the humans locked up being experimented on. You could see the “spare parts” being used to create skinjobs and/or “Old Man Hybrid.”

In regards to the end of Blood and Chrome, I LOVED!!! the “proto-skin job.” Hope you guys do a Blood and Chrome followup to discuss the ending… keep up all the good work on the podcasts!

I posted this in the GWC At the Movies Thread, but after this week’s discussion of future Bond direction, it bears repeating:

Screenwriter/director Max Landis — the guy behind The Death & Return of Superman and Chronicle — has a brilliant idea for a Bond flick that combines all Bonds into one continuity. It’s in this Nerdist podcast around 1:21:00…


The scene that the Blood & Chrome caller was talking about is in Razor. Young Adama’s viper crashes with a Cylon raider and they (Adam & Larry) have a shoot-out in the air until they crash into a building where Adama beats Larry unit down with a pipe.

Finally got to listen to the episode last week (alas back at work) and having not seen a single spoiler about Skyfall (by luck and design) I’m quite pleased that it’s twist and turns paid off. It was so much more enjoyable that QoS and had more long term depth than CR but I think from a purely entertainment point of view Daniel’s first Bond flick is still the best despite being about 10 minutes too long.
It will very interesting how they handle the next movie but they have a splendid set of characters now to build upon even for when Daniel inevitably moves on.

I’m currently catching up on a backlog and just got to this one. In the section on the Video Games As Art exhibit, you mentioned a game called Vib Ribbon. I’m not sure whether you’d heard of that one. As I recall, it never got released in America. It is one of those real oddities that did make it outside of Japan, but ended up in the UK and not the US. (Very odd back in 1999)

It’s an early-ish “Rhythm & Action” game, form the same people who did Parappa the Rapper if I remember correctly.

It had very simplistic graphics. Basically lineart. And you guided Vibri (often referred to affectionaly as the Singing Crack Rabbit) across the ribbon by hitting the buttons that corresponded to the four obstacle types. There were six preprogrammed songs built in but it could also generate random levels based on your own CDs.

It’s easier to show than explain.

Intro and tutorial:

Gold (hard) stage - final two buitin songs:

I remember having a lot of fun with this one. And I can see why from both and art and design point of view this one would be considered.

I know I’m late to the party here but I just finished watching Skyfall today. I didn’t feel like this was a reboot of the series at all. It seemed like a traditional Bond movie to me. Q’s usual tech was replaced by Tanner and Q’s cyber magic but Bond still slept with the villain girl who died later. The action was spectacular as usual. The building Skyfall itself seemed to have a slight Bodyguard feel to it.

Perhaps one of the larger differences in Skyfall versus other Bond movies were the constant homages (like the DB-5 appearance) to classic Bond films. Also the personal vendetta against M and Bond with attacks coming right in their workplaces was a big difference. But the villain was still larger than life with his own island, a yacht and a big helicopter.

All in all it was Bond, it was good and it was well with buying the Bluray. But is it the best Bond movie ever? I’m finding that difficult to believe.

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