#350: There Will Be Blood and Chrome

We are thrilled so far with the new BSG content, the web series Blood & Chromeairing now on the YouTubeMachinima channel (and on SyFy/every other digital medium) in February 2013. We credit the series with reigniting our love for BSG with Michael Taylor’s strong writing, character development balanced with space explosions, and Luke Pasqualino’s expressive doe-eyes that lend depth tothe cocksure youngWilliam Adama. And we run down the Week in Geek, getting stoked over new Halo 4 gameplay, a new exhibit-like Star Trek book sold with its own pedestal and removable artifacts, and the newtranslucentlybuff Swedish Tarzan. Plus, we marvel at the unusual Franco-Belgian roots of the Smurfs, and start an important new campaign to get Rodimus Prime brought back to the Transformers franchise. You can help! #RodimusNow

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I meant to call in to the podcast about Blood and Chrome. I felt like the first two episodes were too flashy visually and I missed the gritty hand-held camera angles that BSG mastered so well. That said, I was still thrilled to see new BSG content. But I can’t say it was love at first view. This week however, when I watched episodes 3 &4 I gasped when they ended and wanted more. Much stronger character development and now my mind is racing wondering what this mission is all about. Some things I’m hoping for in this series-

1- seeing Tigh and Cain in their younger days. I could have sworn they had a younger Cain in the shower scene, but that could be me hoping. I’d love to get a glimpse of those two during this war.

2- An explanation for why Adama doesn’t trust computers. His decision to be off-line in the upgrade of the miniseries saved Galactica. I’d love an origin story of what happened to him to shape that viewpoint.

3- More- is this too much to hope for given the ridiculous wait we had for B&C- which has been done for years and is only out now?

4- my only pet peeve- this series, like Caprica, doesn’t feel like the past. That’s not a deal breaker for me, but the tech looks so similar to what we knew from BSG and certainly the human behavior is the same. People in movies based on our past look and sound different than we do.

I’m okay with the webisode release and will certainly DVR the broadcast and most likely purchase a DVD too. Can’t help myself!

Been a while since I watched it, but didn’t flashbacks in Razor show Cain as a child at the end of the first Cylon war?

Yes- you’re right- I guess Adama is older than her by enough years that she wouldn’t be a pilot, still, she had to do something to out rank him being younger.

Remember, Adama and Tigh both spent some time outside the military between the wars. Also, in one of the scenes in the extended version of Pegasus, I remember Adama and Roslin talking about Cain and saying she was young for her rank. I forget whether it was because of ability (before going frakking nuts) or because of political connections.

“Hot Dog” Zee Moooovie!!


I’m still not sure how Argyle Sweaters equals Wife Swapping, but I’m open minded :slight_smile:


Chinese Downhill!!!

I was catching up to several ep’s today while running errands, so I’m not sure if you discussed in this podcast or the next one – but is there a link to the “Grendel’s Mom” parody? That’s fantastically funny. Thanks.

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