#349: Video Game Villains

We wrap up our discussion of video game heroes and villains with a look into how interaction changes the character and story experience. And we run down the week in geek, including new Spartacus news, lament for the end of Red Dwarf X, a Dibblifier app for iOS which allows you to turn yourself into one of the Dwarf’s Dibbley family, Mark Wahlberg’s purported role in Transformers 5, the Rock’s role in the new Hercules Thoracian Wars flick, and Michael Arndt’s upcoming take on Star Wars as he pens the next movie in the franchise. Next week: we return to our roots to discuss the direct-to-internet Blood and Chrome BSG “series.”

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O … M … G!


If you can’t get this song out of your head (pun), I apologize.

Good stuff. I did like the theme of controlling the content that we allow into our brains. Some times self editing the things I read, watch, listen to is helpful in sifting through the chaff of modern life. Just because I have access to a large fire hose of content doesn’t mean I need to drink incessantly from it … well … except for Kylie :slight_smile:


I’ll have you know Kylie Minogue is a good Aussie girl.
She got her singing start on the back of her time as a soapie star in a series called Neighbours, one of the highest rating shows in the UK back in the day…
Transitioned her star power from soapies to music through Stock Aitken Waterman (yes, the same crowd that gave us Bananarama, Rick Astley etc etc) and here we are…

Gutsy girl. In her time she’s dated Michael Hutchence (lead singer of INXS prior to his untimely demise) and recently done battle with breast cancer only to come out on top.

Here’s a clip of a very young Kylie…in a bunny suit…and YES, the bloke between .03-.07 IS Guy Pearce, another name who got his start in an Aussie soap!


I was a big Debbie Gibson fan in high school. Yeah, I was the one guy who wore a Debbie Gibson t-shirt when everyone else was wearing Metallica shirts. I saw her in concert at the Starplex and sat 5 rows from the stage. Heck, it’s 25 years later and I still remember the lyrics to all the big ones. Sometime when I’m drunk enough, I’ll have to sing one at karaoke.

OK. Weird connection. I went to Debbie Gibson’s High School. I never met her, though. She graduated a year before me. In 1988, I moved out to Merrick, NY and spent my senior year in a new school. It sucked. The big news on campus was that Debbie Gibson graduated the year before and you could see her house from the football field bleachers. shrug

Speaking of things better left unseen …


Look upon and despair!

Yes … I think they’re alone now :slight_smile:


Big new interview w/ Debbie:


Good news is: She’s still out there doing stuff. Bad news is: She’s attached to one of those websites that has a dumb name that’s supposed to be wacky and half-catchy, like “Voonflark.smeg” or “Clownpnis.fart.” Seems like a nice enough goal, but come on…

Oh dear…

Sean, I had a similar experience to your Skyrim rage spree. I was playing Fallout 3. When I play these types of games, I usually play through three times: once as a pure roleplay experience, developing a character and acting as I believe they would, then once again as a straight good guy to see all those option and a third time as pure villain to see that side of the game. So, this was on my “evil” playthough. I hooked up with the people in Paradise Falls and that allowed me to capture people with slave collars and get money from PF for it. It’s just a game, so it normally doesn’t bother me.

Then, I got to Little Lamplight. There’s a little girl there named Bumble who talks really fast. When talking with her this time, it actually gave me the option of putting the slave collar on her. Just seeing that option broke me. The idea of this sweet, talkative kid being made a slave… I left Little Lamplight, went back to Paradise Falls, and killed every mother-sorryBarb in the place.

I should point out there is at least one more space TV series right now, which is Clone Wars.

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