#348: Lucas/Disney, Voicemails

In this episode, we discuss the recent acquisition news regarding Lucasfilm and Disney, and take some voicemail calls.

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Chuck … congrats on your new set of wheels … lucky!


Of course without a picture it didn’t happen … I’m just saying :slight_smile:


Hey you kicked off the calls with mine!!! Woot!!
I wasn’t implying that more jarjar like Star Wars would be bad, or rather that disney would do a bad job just that they easily COULD focus on a younger demographic…
I do agree with Sean and indeed both you and Audra: Disney definitely has the ability, talent and probably most impportantly the money and infrastructure to do a bang on job, IF they want to.

Thanks, sir! Definitely enjoying riding it. Between missing a few workouts and the new (much better) fit of the bike, I lost a lot of my cardio ability. But I’m getting it back, and having fun doing it. :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard!

Regarding Assassin’s Creed, does anyone else think that the Animus is just a metaphor for video games? Like, we are playing a guy playing a video game?

I’ve made my case about George Lucas and the Star Wars Prequels many times on this Forum. To sum up, hire a writer and director. That’s my beef. Now with the Disney take over that is going to happen making Talos a happy bunny.

Lucas giving up some control. Win.
Lucas donate all to education. Win.

I’ve never had the vitriol that many have expressed. I was disappointed and angry by many of his decisions. His latest decisions are all aces.

Don’t forget that this adds Pixar into the mix. Can you imagine what Pixar could do in the Star Wars verse? What is you had some talent from Pixar helming an animated prequel kind of thing about Han and Chewy adventures prior the SW films? I imagine it could be firefly-ish.

It’s good to be George Lucas.

I’ve reviewed the photo … and I just don’t see what it has to do with Mr. Lucas … /shrug

It it quite a titillating snapshot though :slight_smile:


She is Mr. Lucas’ girlfriend, Mellody Hobson.

Ahh … I see says the blind man :slight_smile:

I suppose I’ll defer to the great Mel Brooks on that one …



P.S. “Mellody Hobson” is a great super-hero alternate identity name … imho

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