#347: Noooooooz!

We run down the week in geek, including a Spike TV reality show offering a $10 million bounty on bigfoot, the possibility of the Governator returning as an old Conan (ignoring the Momoa era flick), more news on the Halo 4 release and storyline, the use of *face in Cloud Atlas, and much more.

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Can’t help thinking that had you recorded the podcast a couple of days later, Audra’s “NOOOOOOOZ!” would have been equally ear shattering and breathtakingly long. What, with The Happiest Place On Earth now being home to the Death Star and all…

Looking forward to next week when all the hype has settled down a bit!

Not often we get a GREASE reference.

Well played sir … well played … :slight_smile:



Surprised Sean didn’t make a Sanctuary reference during the Bigfoot news section. Of course, that might be because I just finished watching the series and am going through the special features on the last two seasons now (Just started the commentary on Normandy)

Master Chief is about 46 years old by the time of Halo 4. According to the wiki, he’s not actually that old biologically due to the amount of time he’s spent in Slipspace (time dilation effects) combined with being in cryo-sleep for most of that time as well (which effectively halts cellular aging). Combine with that the fact that he’s biologically, genetically and cybernetically enhanced to be literally superhuman; he’s also a military veteran living in a 26th-century society that probably has some pretty wicked medical tech. All taken together, he probably still has the body of a 23 year old.

I haven’t seen the webseries yet, but I love the backstory provided to Master Chief throughout the books. It gives him much more depth as a character than you get to see in the games. It’s always a challenge lending humanity to someone who can potentially seem to be very inhuman simply because of who and what they are.

I was glad to hear about The Deed of Paksennerion. I’m a big fan of that series. The original trilogy is very good and there were also a couple of prequels that really help with some of the background. The series is still ongoing with a new book released about once a year. I think the next one is due sometime this summer.

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I’m really excited to watch the web series, too. I previewed that first one, and a friend was kind enough to gift me the sweet BluRay of all of them together. Just been trying to carve out some time around work/school/training/podcasting to watch it. :slight_smile: