#345: War of the Worlds

In this episode we discuss the historic War of the Worlds broadcast, getting ready for Halloween!

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I think the Trek cast War of the Worlds is on Audible.

How do I not know about that?


You want a Zoot Suit? I can get you a Zoot Suit, believe me. There are ways, Dude. You don’t wanna know about it, believe me. Hell, I can get you a Zoot Suit by 3 o’clock this afternoon…

I could not have been the only one thinking that in the beginning.

To correct Sean. Daniel Day Lewis is playing Lincoln in Spielberg’s upcoming movie, not Timothy “Can’t Act my Way Out Of A Wet Paper Bag With A Tear In It” Dalton.

Also the movie focuses specifically on the time period around the Emancipation Proclamation and is adapted from Doris Kearn Goodwin’s book Team Of Rivals.

Though I must admit I loved Timmy Dalton in Flash Gordon as Prince Barin…

The movie that you talked about from the 1980’s was called Special Bulletin. I watched the original broadcast and it was pretty realistic. It was formatted as a news channel covering a breaking story about a news crew taken hostage and the hostage-takers have a dirty nuke…which they detonate on a boat in the harbor in Charleston, SC.

It can be viewed on YouTube:


I’m way behind on the 'casts

There was also a similar program shown on CBS in 1994 called Without Warning. It is also available on YouTube.


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I’m way backed up with my podcast listening so I just got to this one.

The conversation about evaluating sources is spot on in terms of what I end up doing in my classes a lot, too. Take evaluating internet or print resources in your own cultural context, and try to do it in another one. There are so many of the same issues but there’re none of the cultural cues that help students judge biases. I’m struggling a bit with it because I don’t remember explicitly learning how to do it - it was one of those things I just picked up on. So good on you, Audra, for being explicit about it! I’m trying to do the same. :slight_smile: